Why Take AP Classes in High School

November 13, 2012 Category: College Tips

Sometimes it seems like piling through high school is the best option to finish and start college.  Think carefully of the choices you make if you are truly considering a collegiate path.  It is not just about getting good grades, but on the classes you choose while you are still in high school.  It would be a very smart idea to take advanced placement (AP) classes.  The successful completion of AP classes has its benefits in both the college application process and during your undergraduate life.  Here are a few reasons to consider AP classes.AP Classes for College

1.       Impress College Admission Counselors:  Probably the most important part of your college application is your academic record.  If on your transcripts you have taken the most challenging courses that are available and did well, this stands out to any admission’s counselor.  Having succeeded in difficult classes shows a sign of college readiness and these classes are usually the AP ones geared for college level work.

2.       Developing College Level Academic Skills:  During your first year of college you will encounter many of the high-level calculating and critical thinking tasks that are found in AP classes.  If you can succeed in these classes, chances are that you will find your first year in college also successful.

3.       Money Saver:  Many colleges will give you credit for your AP classes depending on the score you get on the AP test.  If you take enough AP classes and test, you can potentially graduate from college a semester or maybe a year early.  With the prices of colleges now-a-days, graduating early can save you thousands of dollars.

4.       Helps Choosing a Major Sooner:  AP classes can help in this by first providing you with an in-depth introduction to a specific subject area which just may be the one you want to continue with in college.  Also, receiving a high score on an AP exam may give you credit for a certain general education requirement, giving you more room in your schedule to explore various academic fields early on.

5.       Take More Electives:  As in helping you choose a major sooner, taking AP classes can free up some of your schedule to you can take a few more elective classes.  Some majors leave little to no time to explore options or even take “fun” classes, but by doing well in those AP classes during high school you may be able to get to some of those types of classes.

Again, weigh your options carefully during your high school years.  What you do then can help or hinder you in your college years.

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