Why Make Time for the All Important Exercise

April 8, 2012 Category: College Tips

exercise in collegeYou have started your extremely busy schedule in college.  Your social life is growing, your academic life is jammed packed and your job is taking up the rest of your day.  So, there is very little to no time to exercise.

Many college students fail to realize the importance of exercising and if you think you have NO time for it, give it another thought and consider re-prioritizing your time.  With threats of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and so much more, looming over all of us, the sooner you get that all needed exercise the better.

In college, students tend to get a tad overwhelmed by all their workload and push certain things to the side and say they will get to them when they can.  Exercise should not be one of those things.  It is not only a way to stay free from certain health afflictions, but it helps in a lot of other ways.   To better understand its usefulness, here are a few great reasons why college students should put exercise into their routines.

Stress Reducer:  College brings on so much work that feeling stressed is inevitable.  Between academic demands, the fight to keep a social life and those with jobs it is no wonder why stress becomes part of a student’s life.

Managing this stress is the difficult part due to the lack of extra time.  You want to avoid health issues, failing classes and that all in cumbersome college burnout.  So how do you manage this?  The answer is exercise.

Infusing exercise into your schedule will help you diffuse that excess stress.

Study Better:  Studying can take long periods of time and can be very frustrating to try and absorb so much information.  Exercise can also be helpful in your studying enabling you to study quicker and more effectively.

When you have been sitting there with your head buried in a book, take a break and get in a little exercise.  A quick jog or other blood-pumping movement will help you clear your mind and prepare it for more information.

Health Improvement:  Besides clearing your mind and reducing your stress, exercise will improve your overall health.  Regular exercise will keep you a lot healthier than the opposite.  It helps reduce the chances of obesity, coronary disease, diabetes and much more.

Avoid that “Freshman 15”:  “Freshman 15” refers to the fifteen pounds that so many students gain during that first year in college.  True, it does not happen to everyone, but many college students adopt a sedentary and not the healthiest dietary life-style.  This, of course, leads to a problem with weight.

Exercise (and a change of diet) can help fight this problem.

Mood Improvement:  Physical exercise is the perfect way to elevate that mood.  With lowered stress and a shift in chemicals (produced by exercise) will help you feel better.

Fight Diseases:  According to the Mayo clinic, exercise helps you battle heart disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cholesterol and the list goes on.

Take control of your life and invest in a better future.  Start an exercise program today!

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