UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine Currently Accepting Applications

January 11, 2012 Category: University of California News

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is currently accepting applications for the following summer academic enrichment programs for 2012:

  • Premedical/Predental Enrichment Program (PREP)
  • Summer Medical Dental Education Program (SMDEP)
  • Re-Application Post baccalaureate Program (RAP)

PREP is a seven week summer academic enrichment program that targets students from educationally and financially disadvantaged/underrepresented backgrounds.  Students are exposed to the rigors of academic medicine and/or dentistry.  Included are preceptor ships with physicians in clinical and research settings.  The program is enhanced by students being mentored in intimate, structured cluster groups by trained teaching assistants; accomplished medical students. The program is free, however housing is not provided.  A stipend is given to students for living expenses.   The postmark deadline for submission of all required material is March 1, 2012.  Applications and further program information are available at: PREP

SMDEP is a six-week summer academic enrichment program that targets educationally and financially disadvantaged freshman and sophomore college students by providing intensive and personalized medical and dental school preparation.  This national program is funded through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is offered at 12 locations.  The program is free and provides on campus housing, and a small stipend.  Deadline for applying is March 1, 2012. Application and further information can be found at the following websites: SMDEP, the SMDEP website, or you can send an email to UCLA.

RAP is post baccalaureate program that is designed to assist students who meet all the following criteria:  are California residents,  from disadvantaged and or/underserved backgrounds, committed to practicing in underserved communities in California, and who applied but were unsuccessful in gaining admissions to any U.S. medical school. The eleven-month program is conducted in two sessions, summer and academic year. Deadline is May 15, 2012.  Application will open January 16, 2012, further information can be found on the following websites: UCSD, Med Student UCLA.

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2 Responses to “UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine Currently Accepting Applications”

  1. Herman says:

    Hey, thanks for the info guys! I’ll be looking to get into dental school in about 1-2 years, but it’s good to know when the deadlines to UCLA typically are.



    • admin says:

      Thanks, Herman. Glad to see you’re starting early, it never hurts 🙂

      Stay tuned as we provide more info on different schools and we release great resources for current and prospective students.


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