UCLA’s Center for Community College Partnerships – Transfer Scholars Taking Action

March 26, 2012 Category: University of California News

This Spring 2012 semester, the UCLA’s Center for Community College Partnerships will be hosting the Spring Saturday Academy.  This year’s focus will be “TRANSFER SCHOLARS TAKING ACTION!”  In this case, ACTION standing for:

Co-Curricular activities
Transfer preparation
Opportunities for graduate school

The Spring 2012 Saturday Academy will focus on Activism, Co‐curricular activities, Transfer preparation, Internships, Opportunities for graduate school, and Networking (ACTION). Taking ACTION to enhance your academic experience both at the community college and once you have transferred will provide you with tools and skills to engage in scholarly pursuits while staying connected to our communities.

Go and dialogue with a variety of speakers who will discuss their work in the community and the academy. The workshops will include panels on non‐profit organizations, internships, research opportunities, summer programs, study abroad and graduate preparations programs. Select workshops will focus on opportunities in the STEM fields.

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

2 to 6 PM

Rolfe 1200

UCLA Campus

For those interested in attending, here is an agenda for the day:

1‐2 PM: Registration
2‐5 PM : Sessions open to all community college students
5‐6 PM : Session only for CCCP Scholars

Please register by Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 at: CCCPScholars.  For more information, email cccp@college.ucla.edu or call 310-267-4441.


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