UC Santa Cruz Has Excited Students This Year

October 14, 2011 Category: University of California News

UC Santa Cruz is a popular option for many California Community College students, specially those located in Northern California.  The beach community and laid back atmosphere doesn’t take away from the academic rigor that the UC System prides itself on.

If we look at the freshman class that entered this 2011 – 2012 academic year, over 45% of them will be first-generation college graduates in their families.  Despite constant battles with the budget and the cuts, UCSC continues to keep its doors open and accessible to undeserved populations.

Of the expected 4,900 new undergraduate students this year, the break down includes 3,650 new freshman and 1,250 new transfer students.  The interesting thing about the transfer number is that approximately 96 percent of transfer students are coming from California.  The largest number of California transfer students coming from Cabrillo College with 132 transfer students.

 Here from the new students at UCSC Below:


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