UC Irvine New Courses Spring 2012

February 21, 2012 Category: University of California News

A new year means a new college term and with it often means the appearance of brand new courses for students to choose from. The UC Irvine Extension Program for the Spring 2012 term has well over a dozen new courses listed for 9 of its degree and certificate programs. Below are a sneak peek at a few of these classes and what they have to offer students.

Blogging for Business (Under Marketing & Communications)

The fascination with blogging isn’t just limited to the everyday Joe and Jane, writing to express his/her opinions and thoughts on a variety of subjects. From celebrities to politicians and other public figures, the act of blogging has become so proficient in the way people use the Internet that UC Irvine has even dedicated an entire course to the subject.

UC Irvine Extension ProgramStudents enrolled in the Blogging for Business course for Spring 2012 will learn firsthand how to use blogging as an effective sales tool for promoting a business, attracting clients/customers and increasing web exposure. Additional topics include how to create and manage a successful blogging campaign through the use of WordPress, how to use this writing style in a marketing and business context, as well as how to tailor the content to suit any company. The role of social media will also play a large part in this course.

Virtual Teacher Practicum (Under Education)

Students already enrolled in the Virtual Teacher Certificate Program can opt to take the new Virtual Teacher Practicum for Spring 2012. Using the knowledge and skills developed from previous courses, students will be able to take their learning to the next level by working with an advisor and their peers to deliver their instruction in a virtual setting to students in K-12. In addition to getting familiar with this hands-on approach, students will be exposed to the various tools and online features they’ll be expected to know once they begin teaching professionally.

Communication In a Diverse and Changing Workplace (Under Business & Management)

The issues faced in today’s workplace are vastly different compared to 10 years ago. With mergers, lay-offs and downsizing becoming a common occurrence, employees and their supervisors are faced with many more challenges, especially when it comes to multitasking, delegating responsibilities and communicating with one another. The Communication In a Diverse and Changing Workplace course was designed to address these timely issues in a much more effective way. Students enrolled in this course will learn how to increase their awareness in all aspects of the communications category, as well as tackle subjects like Dealing with Criticism and Feedback, Working with Diversity, Verbal and Non Verbal Messages and Behaviors and Listening to Understand and be Understood, among many others.

The Great American Food & Wine Revolution (Under Arts/Cultural Appreciation)

“Foodies” will enjoy taking The Great American Food & Wine Revolution course, which focuses on the trends and changes responsible for creating today’s “wine culture.” Aside from studying elements that make for first rate wine and understanding the various ways to pair wine with different cuisines, students will also gain insight into how to appreciate ethnic foods and cross-cultural cuisine combinations.

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