Two College Scholarships You Can’t Pass Up

February 1, 2012 Category: College Scholarships and Grants

College is an expensive institution to attend, but in the long run, very well worth the expense.  Many people believe that they cannot afford to go to college this is definitely not the case.  There are many ways to obtain money to go to college it is just a matter of searching and doing your research.

College Scholarships

One form of financial aid is scholarships.  There are probably thousands of different scholarships out there for you to apply.  You can search for them in various ways.  There are reference books, organizations and the all-encompassing internet search.  You can search for scholarships by various categories such as financial necessity, race, location and many others.

Some scholarships necessitate many requirements for eligibility and others a bare minimum.  You may qualify by being from a certain city or writing an essay on a specific topic.  It is only a matter of researching all possibilities and applying to as many scholarships as you can being that you meet the eligibility requirements.

California Scholarships

Here are a couple of scholarships you can look at with one of the requirements being that you are from California.

Boys & Girls Club of Ventura Emma Nylen Charitable Trust.  The Boys and Girls Club of Ventura is the distributor of the funds in the Emma Nylen Charitable Trust.  The trust is “to aid motivated and needy students, at any level of higher education or training, who find it difficult to defray the expenses of attending a school of higher-education or a school of technical or trade training, were it not for some outside means of financial assistance.” (Emma Nylen Charitable Trust)

The Trust will not discriminate with regards to sex, age, race, national origin, religion, residence, or political affiliation.  Mrs. Nylen preferred the recipients, although not a requirement be young men or women who have completed high school and are under the age of thirty.  Another preference is that the recipients have at one time been residents of Ventura County.

For more information and to apply, visit the scholarship application .  Final decisions are made by the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Club or Ventura.

Banatao Family Filipino American College Scholarship.  This scholarship is a bit more specific in its requirements for eligibility.  It will award five scholarships of $5,000 to qualified incoming freshman enrolled at a four-year college.  The scholarship is renewable for four years granted a satisfactory academic performance in a full-time undergraduate program.

Applicants must be incoming freshmen enrolled full-time at an accredited four year-college pursuing a career in engineering, physical or biological sciences.  Applicant must be of Filipino heritage (at least 50%) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and has a financial need.  Students also must be a resident of Northern California in specific counties or of Southern California in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange or San Diego.

You can find more information and the application, by visiting the Banatao Family College Scholarship.

Open Your Eyes to More

There are many more scholarships just waiting for your application.  Keep checking back in with us as we will continue to provide college scholarships and financial aid information to students.

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