Top 5 On-Campus Jobs

August 9, 2012 Category: College Tips

Bringing in any kind of income on a student budget is a luxury. Even a basic minimum wage job means securing a steady paycheck that–while not enough to cover the amount of tuition–is ideal for putting towards groceries, miscellaneous bills and books/supplies.

Students looking for work may want to start close to home: college. What job could be more convenient than one on-campus? There’s no commute or need to worry about parking. Additionally, on-campus jobs are designed to accommodate class schedules so it’s less likely that there will be conflicts of interest.

College Tour Guide JobBelow are just a handful of the most sought after on-campus jobs. As with any job search, it’s ideal to pick a position that works well not just with your current class schedule but your personality and job strengths.

Resident Assistant

Commonly referred to as “RAs,” resident assistants are responsible for monitoring the everyday activities of students living in the dorms on-campus.

RAs are assigned their own floor and are required to make sure all students living on their floor follow the college or university’s residential living guidelines.

When needed, resident assistants must also enforce rules and are authorized to carry out disciplinary action. Perks to being a resident assistant include being able to live for free on-campus, earning a salary and being able to work from home.

Print Center Attendant

Similar to working at a place like FedEx Kinko’s, being a print center attendant isn’t glamorous but does pay well. Working this type of on-campus job means access to printers, which is convenient when it comes time to print out papers and assignments, and allows you to interact with students using basic customer service skills.

Although the routine of a print center attendant can be mundane at times, the downtime is perfect for getting studying done.

Library Assistant

Working at a library sounds like anything but thrilling but it is a paycheck and gives you the opportunity to dedicate time to your studies while earning work hours. Making time for a library assistant job is good for students that have trouble with time management skills or who don’t have access to a quiet area that doesn’t have a lot of distractions.

School Tour Guide

Being a school tour guide is a fun job that lets you be the center of attention. College tours play an important part in helping students and their families decide which schools to apply to and your role as the school tour guide could make a huge difference in where they end up sending an application to.

School tour guides utilize essential job skills such as public speaking and customer service. This on-campus job is perfect for outgoing, social butterflies.

Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants are valuable to professors because their assistance and participation helps to keep their workload manageable. In addition to being able to stay in class for work, teaching assistants gain experience that looks great on any resume and provides a great opportunity to earn letters of recommendation.

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