Top 4 Careers Where a Certificate Can Make a Difference

April 4, 2012 Category: Professional Development

More working professionals now than ever are going back to school in order to acquire new skills to help them advance to higher positions within their field, while others are making the jump to a new career altogether. The good news is that many of the most in demand careers today do not always require a degree. In many cases, completing the right certificate programs is all that’s needed to get a person’s foot in the door. Below are 4 career choices where individuals can use their certification to get into an entry-level job and have the opportunity for advancement.

Business Administration

Think you need to obtain a degree in Business in order to find a job within the Business Administration field? Think again! There are plenty of certificate programs that equip students with all they’ll need to enter the workforce in this profession, in less time than it takes to earn a traditional 4-year degree. Students will get a crash course in all the fundamental aspects, including but not limited to: accounting, marketing, management, finance and economics. The basics are covered in this type of program, as well as the most up to date practices and principles, allowing those that gain certification to find employment in any business setting. Receive a Career Certificate

Desktop Support

The IT field continues to boom and as a result, employers are constantly looking for competent and qualified candidates to hire. Individuals that want to get into the IT field but don’t have the time, money or means to earn a degree from a technical school have the option of seeking a certificate in Desktop Support. Microsoft offers such a certificate that allows anyone to gain the knowledge required to successfully troubleshoot desktop issues on any Windows Operating System. Additionally, those with certification in Desktop Support can properly assist users with hardware or software issues. Getting a certificate in this field gives individuals the opportunity to find employment at any small, medium or large IT organization.

Graphic Design

Believe it or not, you don’t have to get a 4-year degree to learn Graphic Design. There are a variety of niches within this field that people can specialize in, which has undoubtedly led to the number of certificate programs available for this industry. Those that enroll in this kind of program will be introduced to the basics of Graphic Design, such as typography, page layout, letterform, logo design, digital design fundamentals and magazine layouts. Knowledge gained from this certificate program can be used to apply for any entry-level graphic design job. Additional certification can also be earned to keep up to date with the changing software and technology.

Ultrasound Technician

There are many specializations within the healthcare field that are in demand. Ultrasound technicians are one of them. Surprisingly, getting this type of job doesn’t require years of medical school. More on the technology side of healthcare, individuals have the ability to complete a certificate program, where they’ll receive hands-on training on how to operate ultrasound equipment, as well as interact with patients and provide quality patient care.

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