Tips for Staying On Your Instructor’s Good Side

November 5, 2011 Category: College Tips

Just because college life allows students much more freedom compared to the high school years, that does not mean this time in a person’s life should be one big party. It’s still important to maintain good grades and do what it takes to make sure you stay on your instructor’s good side. The following tips are not meant to teach students how to be a “kiss up” but how to ensure their participation and efforts do not go by unnoticed by their instructors.

Be a Familiar Face…Go to Class!

The cool thing about being a college student is that you don’t technically always have to go to class. Emergencies come up, other coursework may take priority at certain times and there are sick days. However, if you want to make the most of the courses you’re enrolled in (and keep your professor from giving you the evil eye), be sure to attend class as regularly as possible. While some instructors have lenient attendance policies, others may go so far as to drop a student’s grade by an entire letter for missing a certain number of days.

Aside from the common sense reason why student’s should frequently attend their classes, becoming a familiar face will reflect on you favorably in the instructor’s eyes. He/she will know that you are serious about the course, which will make your life a lot easier.

Speak Up & ParticipateCollege Tips: Friends with Instructors

This does not mean you have the be the first person to raise your hand every time the instructor asks a question. Active participation in a college course ranges from not just answering questions but asking them as well, especially if you need something to be clarified. If there is an open discussion going on, don’t be afraid to contribute your thoughts. In addition to the instructor being impressed by your contribution, participating in courses in this manner is great for helping  students better grasp the concepts and topics being taught.

Attend Office Hours

College instructors hold office hours for a reason. Going to your professor’s office hours is ideal for students in need of extra help with their assignments, receive tips for how to do better in class and even to bounce ideas off of the instructor when it comes to special projects or papers. Even if you have a keen understanding of what’s being taught, it’s still a good idea to drop in on your instructor’s office hours every once in a while during the term. If you don’t have any specific questions or need help with your assignments, it doesn’t hurt to ask the instructor how you’re doing in the class. Many students use office hours as an opportunity to simply converse with their professor about any number of subjects.

Follow Instructions/Directions

College professors are busy people. When students don’t follow instructions for tasks, such as writing papers, completing/turning in projects, etc., it adds to their to-do list. Make sure to follow directions for how your instructor prefers to have things done and you’ll be the least of his/her worries.

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  1. Jaime says:

    Getting on your instructor’s good side is important, especially if you can establish that you’re a good student. They tend to give you the benefit of the doubt when unexpected things happen. They won’t think you’re simply slacking because of the relationship you have established.

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