Things to Do Before College Application Deadlines

December 14, 2011 Category: College Tips

Here comes your senior year in high school and you feel like you have all summer to relax and not think about those college applications until the fall.  Wrong!  Do not fall into that false sense of security.  Do what you can ahead of time and avoid that time crunch in the fall.  Here are a few things you should take care of well before those fall application deadlines.

Financial Research:  By this time you have already looked into which school’s you are interested in attending.  It is also a smart thing to look into how much a particular school will be costing you.  It is hard to get a precise price tag due to financial aid, grants and other price breaks, but you should be able to get a sense of what you will have to pay.

There are some sights available that have price calculators which can be helpful.  By inputting the name of the school and family income, you can find an approximate amount of what you can expect to pay yearly.

Check Deadlines:  Make sure you check on all deadlines that are creeping up on you.  There are application deadlines which may differ per school.  Also, do not overlook financial aid and grant deadlines.  There are many grants out there, each with a specific deadline.  Confirm each of those deadlines and do not miss them.  It may be smart to write down these dates in several places.

College Application Essay:  Starting your essay early will help you avoid those nerves that will wreak havoc on you if you procrastinate.  It also gives you a chance to do more research on the school you are applying to so you can write a more interesting essay using the school’s information for support.

Supplemental Materials:  Some schools, especially those in specialized modes such as art, music or acting, may require you to present a portfolio or you work.  This is not something that should be put together hastily.  This is a resume of your hard work and accomplishments take your time with it and make sure it is reflective of you.

School Research:  You know what school you want to attend, but make sure you know a lot more than just the basics.  Request admission materials from the schools you want to go to.  You can do this by visiting the schools’ websites or writing the schools directly.  Also in the websites you can find academic profiles of the freshmen class and other information that can be very useful.  Some sites offer virtual tours and online chats with students, staff or alumni.

Give 100% of yourself when applying to college.  Your hard work and energy should come shining through on your application and essay, when you give it the time it deserves.  Starting early with allow you to check and recheck your work and have it checked by others you respect.  Remember it is your future you are working toward.

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