The First Meme: Your Typical College Student

March 27, 2012 Category: Humor

Your Typical College Student MemeWhat is a meme?

Great question!  A meme is a type of cultural symbol or social idea that gets spread across the internet (interwebz).  This social idea is created and acts like a flu, spreading through the internet and passing from one person to the next in a short period of time.  The message being transmitted is an idea or a message behind a meme.  The message can vary from a really deep or a really obvious idea.

We hope you enjoy today’s meme.  We’ll be trying to incorporate more of these in the near future.  Please leave us your feedback!

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One Response to “The First Meme: Your Typical College Student”

  1. Jane says:

    I know of at least 7 people that this is so true for! LOL…

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