The Advantages to Study Groups in College

April 1, 2012 Category: College Tips

college study groupsCollege students develop many skills that over time develop into great ways of studying.  Study skills are very important in college due to the workload that is received.  Sitting in the library reading, creating flash cards with vocabulary words and looking for information on a research paper is but the tip of the iceberg.

Creating or joining a study group is another technique many students use to help them in their studying.  In fact, study groups can be a great way to learn material.  There are many advantages in joining a study group, that is, in joining a “good” study group.  Joining a group where the participants are easily distracted or not willing to be helpful can be detrimental to any learning.  On the other hand, joining a study group where everyone wants to learn and keeps on task can be very advantageous.

Here is why joining a study group can benefit your studying.

Help with Procrastination:  Many students tend to study for tests on the night before or begin projects with very little time left before the due date.  When in a study group, meeting at regular times can keep the active participants from procrastinating.

Absorb Information Quicker:  Working within a group, students tend to learn faster than working alone.  Groups can review class material together and if parts of the lecture or textbook are confusing to one person, they may not be to another.  If the student was working on his/her own, there would be a lot of time wasted puzzling over the difficulty.  In a group by simply asking a clarification question they can receive the answer.

Different Perspectives:  Studying by yourself you will always only get one perspective.  This alone may not be a big problem, but getting fresh perspectives on a topic can help the learning process.  In groups, you may receive many different perspectives in which you can reach your own conclusions.  Listening and asking questions will provide more food for thought developing your critical thinking skills.

Learning New Study Skills:  There are always ways to improve on your methods and techniques in your study skills.  You will adopt the ways that you feel most comfortable with and that tend to work for you.  Joining a study group will provide you the opportunity to observe a wide variety of study methods in action and incorporate them into your regimen.

Good Company:  Let’s face it studying by yourself can get boring and monotonous.  A study group brings on a positive social aspect.  Having others to bounce off ideas and discuss projects is a good way to improve your learning.  This also helps when your class is a bit tedious.  Talking it over with a group can help that and make it a little more enjoyable.

Remember, if you decide to join a study group, choose wisely.  It can have a negative effect instead of the positive one you are looking to attain.


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