Test Taking and the Strategies it Takes

January 13, 2012 Category: College Tips

You have studied you rear end off and now it is time to prove that you have learned all, or at least most of the information that has been covered all semester; it is FINALS time.  You have mastered the art of studying and found your own methods and devices on memorizing information.  Here now are just a few suggestions on test taking to help you with those finals.

Quick Brainstorm:  As soon as you get that test, take a second to write down any and all the information that can be difficult to remember like formulas, dates, and so on, on the back of your test of a piece of scratch paper.  This way you can use it as a reference during the test.

Skim the Entire Test:  As you skim over the test mark those questions that are easy for you or hard.  This way you can answer the easy ones first to give you more time with the more difficult questions.  Sometimes those easy questions are stuck to the end of the test.

Double Check Your Work:  If you finish early, review what you have written.  Make sure you did not skip a question or a entire page and that you followed all directions.  This may sound mundane or redundant, but it never hurts to double check.

Pace Yourself:  There is a time limit when taking finals, make sure you are monitoring your time.  Take time to look up at the clock or your watch to be aware of the time you have left.  Do not panic or get anxious if you start hearing people finishing the test early.

Ask Questions:  You may not understand a question due to the wording or what have you, so make sure to ask.  You do not want to risk getting the answer wrong due to a simple misunderstanding.

Follow Directions:  Read and follow all directions carefully.  Many points can be deducted by simply being careless with the directions.  A few points can make the difference between an A or B.

Skip Questions You are Unsure About:  Do not waste precious time pondering a question.  Mark it and skip it and if time permits come back to it at the end.

Relax:  Easy to say but . . .  Being stressed will work against you.  Try and relax to keep your head straight, you will need all your brain power during the test.  When we panic, we tend to forget information, so relax and you will do fine.

You will improve your test taking skills throughout your college years.  Strive to learn, study all you can and it will pay off.  Good luck!

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