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February 10, 2012 Category: College Tips

In college you have to juggle so many things that it can be overwhelming.  You have to learn how to manage your time more efficiently, manage your finances, keep up your grades, and still make sure you keep your sanity.

Your number one goal is to graduate, correct?  So, keeping up academically is of most importance.  What if you are having trouble?  Where can you as a student go to get that extra help?

Most college campuses provide their students various resources to assist academically.  If you are having a hard time keeping up in certain classes, it is up to you to take full advantage of those resources.  Do not make the mistake of not asking for help because you are shy or think you can do it on your own.

Talk to your professors.  If you are having difficulty, it is important to talk to your professors.  They would be the ones to best counsel you to which resources would most benefit you.  Letting your professors know early that you are having trouble can help you keep from possibly failing that class.

Visit your Tutoring Center.  Tutoring centers are commonplace among college campuses.  They offer various services.  Even if you are not having difficulties in classes this semester you may want to consider stopping in just to find out what resources they have to offer you.

Consider a peer tutoring program.  This is a bit different from the tutoring center.  Some schools screen and train students as tutors.  The tutor usually has direct knowledge of the classes he/she is tutoring for.  One on one tutoring may be the most effective way to go.

Stop over at the campus writing center.  Writing in high school does not compare to writing in college.  Some campuses have writing centers where you can stop in and get papers looked over.  It is always a good idea to have someone else check over your writing assignments.  If you feel you need extra help with writing, get in a visit before assignments are due.

Make friends in your classes.  Studying with others in the same classes as yourself can not only be “fun,” but you can learn a lot by bouncing off ideas from each other.  Everyone comes away from classes with different important information.  This can help you expand your knowledge in those particular classes.

Familiarize yourself with the campus library.  Many campus libraries have state of the art technology and up-to-date information.  Getting to know the library and its key workers would be a plus in your studies and researching capability.

Ask around about other resources.  All campuses vary in the resources they offer.  Some may have more and others less.  Ask around and look into any and/or all resources available.  The more options you have the better your chances at a very successful college education.

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