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June 22, 2012 Category: College Assignments

Jump Start is a high school summer program facilitated by Skyline College.  In addition to Math, English, Career, and Media courses, this 6 week summer program facilitates team building and group activities on Friday’s that relate back to the work students are doing in class.  On Friday, June 22nd, Jump Start students took concepts from Joseph Campbell’s A Hero’s Journey and applied them to Steve Carell’s Despicable Me movie.

Assignment for Jump Start Students:

  1. A Hero's JourneyIn the comments or “Leave a Reply” area below (include your name and email in the fields indicated), identify concepts from A Hero’s Journey that are symbols seen in the movie Despicable Me.
  2. After watching a movie through the lens of A Hero’s Journey, what are other movies that you have seen that can relate to some of the same points from Joseph Campbell’s book?  Please explain why you think the movies you pick relate to A Hero’s Journey.
  3. Be original with your thoughts and do not copy an early response from any of your classmates.
  4. Due Date: Monday, June 25, 2012 at 4pm.

Feel free to ask questions or make comments in the comments section below.

To help review the steps in A Hero’s Journey:


  1. The Call to Adventure
 – The call to adventure is the point in a person’s life when they are first confronted or given a choice/ notice that will change everything.  Many times, this significant point is not known.
  2. Refusal of the Call
 – Often when the call is given, the future hero refuses to accept it or take it on. This may be for many reasons including having a sense of duty/obligation, fear, insecurity, feeling inadequate, or reasons that work to hold the person in his or her current circumstances.
  3. Supernatural Aid – 
Once the hero has committed to the quest, consciously or unconsciously, his or her guide and magical helper appears.
  4. The Crossing of the First Threshold
 – This is the point where the person crosses into the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and venturing into an unknown and dangerous realm where the rules and limits are not known.  Hint: Think of the roller coaster in the movie from today.
  5. The Belly of the Whale – 
The belly of the whale represents the final separation from the hero’s known world and the self. It is sometimes described as the person’s lowest point (i.e. like failing a test), but it is actually the point when the person is between or transitioning between worlds and selves. The separation has been made, or is being made, or being fully recognized between the old world and old self and the potential for a new world or self.  By entering this stage, the person shows their willingness to undergo a metamorphosis, to die to him or herself.


  1. The Road of Trials
 – The road of trials is are a series of tests or ordeals that the person must undergo to begin the transformation. Often the person fails one or more of these tests, which often occur in threes (remember the importance of the number 3?).
  2. The Meeting with the Goddess
 – The meeting with the goddess represents the point in the adventure when the person experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all-powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love that a fortunate infant may experience with his or her mother. It is also known as the sacred marriage, the union of opposites, and may take place entirely within the person. This is a very important step in the process and is often represented by the person finding the other person that he or she loves most completely.
  3. Woman as the Temptress – 
At one level, this step is about those temptations that may lead the hero to abandon or stray from his or her quest, which does not necessarily have to be represented by a woman. For Campbell, however, this step is about the revulsion that the usually male hero may feel about his own nature, and the subsequent attachment or projection of that revulsion to women. Woman is a metaphor for the physical or material temptations of life, since the hero-knight was often tempted by lust from his spiritual journey.
  4. Apotheosis
 – To apotheosize is to worship or revere as a god. When someone dies a physical death, or dies to the self to live in spirit, he or she moves to a state of divine knowledge, love, compassion and bliss. This is a god-like state; the person is in heaven and beyond all strife. A different way of looking at this step is that it is a period of rest, peace and fulfillment before the hero begins the return.
  5. The Ultimate Boon
 – The ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the person went on the journey to get. All the previous steps serve to prepare and purify the person for this step.  The person has become comfortable and competent in both the inner and outer worlds.

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61 Responses to “Skyline College’s Jump Start Friday #1”

  1. Bobby Facundo says:

    Despicable Me:
    The Call to Adventure
 – When the girls knock at Drew’s door trying to sell cookies

    Refusal of the Call
 – Drew tells the girls that he isn’t home and to go away

    Supernatural Aid – Drew realizes that he needs the girls for his plan to steal the shrink ray and does not know that they will change his character throughout the movie

    The Crossing of the First Threshold – the girls enter Drew’s house and are feeling uneasy being there

    The Belly of the Whale – When Drew has to go on the roller coaster, this is the first step to his transformation

    The Road of Trials – Drew wins the stuffed unicorn, keeps being asked to kiss the girls goodnight, and tries to avoid reading bedtime stories

    The Meeting with the Goddess – when the orphanage lady comes by and takes the girls back, drew then suddenly feels empty and sad

    Woman as the Temptress – in this movie it isn’t a woman but it is his own ego. Drew remembers that he is a villain and goes on the moon mission instead of the ballet concert

    Apotheosis – when Drew goes to get the girls back from Vector and blows through all of his defenses effortlessly

    The Ultimate Boon
 – ultimately getting the girls back, defeating Vector, making his mom proud, and being the loving father to the girls….also living happily ever after

    Other movies that represent a heroes journey are: Avengers, Transformers, Iron Man, and Thor.
    I picked these movies because in all of them the main character or characters go through a fight or struggle, die, then come back to life to be the hero or heroes that saved the world.

  2. Ernesto Chavez says:

    The hero’s journey in despicable me begins with gru approaching his door with three little girls trying to sell him cookies. He effectively refuses his journey for now by sending the girls off without even opening the door. Gru’s supernatural aide is shown to be his many yellow minions and the slow dr. Nefario. Gru eventually accepts the adventure reluctenly by adopting the three girls with the intention to use them to steal the shrink ray from vector. Interestingly enough, when gru takes the girls home he puts out water for the girls which is part of the hero’s journey. Gru first goes through his first threshold when he is driving and is pleaded by the girls to take them to an amusement park on their way home. The threshold is the gates of the park itself and when gets on the roller coaster.

    Gru is then swallowed 3 times on the ride by 3 beast with huge gaping mouths. This means that he has died three times and was reborn as an entirely different person and cares more about the girls. Gru’s road of trials begins when he is talking to the banker about his plan for the moon. This is clearly seen as the girls are in the way of gru ‘s plan to steal the moon. The meeting of the goddess is very important to gru as he sees his dream coming true when he goes to the moon ( the goddess itself) with this happening gru is content for a while.

    Grus own mother is seen as the temptress becuase of the fact that she is never proud of him and enters his mind when thinking about his dreams. Because of this she distracts him from continuing because of his of her. Now by the time the apotheosis occurs, dr. Nefario plays his hands and returns the girls to the orphanage making gru very sad. As gru goes to steal the moon and succeeds but is shocked to find out that the girls were kidnapped by vector and goes out to rescue them. As gru goes to vectors home he goes through the apotheosis and dodges every thing that vector throws at him and catches up to vectors escape pod. As gru is finally able to stop vector and rescue the girls, the movie shows gru and his adopted children on a platform outside experiencing the ultimate boon, all four of them staring out at the moon.

    I believe that this film is part of the hero’s journey because of how it follows cambells writings and shows evidence of a hero’s journey.

    • admin says:

      @Ernesto – Excellent review of Despicable Me using the lens of A Hero’s Journey! Do you think there are other movies that follow Campbell’s stages?

  3. Brenda Jauregui says:

    Despicable Me:

    1. The call to Adventure-
    I can relate this to Jospeh Campbells book because in chapter one the frog doest want what is given to him but instead he hopes for a different reward. When Gru takes takes the ballet ticket, he doesnt want to go but he hopes it will help the girls stay longer to help his plan.
    2.Refusal of the call-
    He takes the girls to an Amusement park with the intentions to leave them there.
    3.Supernatural Aid-
    He has the minions there to help with the care of the girls.
    4.Crossing of the first threshold-
    When Gru takes the girls back to his house for the first time the girls are “drawn into a relationship with forces that are not rightly understood” (42). The Hero With A Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell.
    5.Belly of the Whale-
    When Gru is on the roller coaster he had no control of power. He had to stay on the coaster and there he was swallowed three times and by the time he got off he had some connection with the girls.

    1.Road of Trials-
    When the girls asked to be read a bedtime story he refused and even scared them a little. When Gru tried to take control and told the girls to deliver cookies first and they say no.Also he was faced with the decision of taking the moon or to the ballet,he chose the moon. When it was time for the ballet it was too late for him to be there on time.
    2.Meeting with the Goddess-
    I think this is when he actually gets a hold of the moon because it was his goal the whole time. It was complete bliss , but only for a moment.
    3.Woman as Temptress-
    When the boss of the bank tells Gru he doesn’t like him, the memories of his moms words come back. Instead of a women distracting him , his mothers words held him back .
    When Gru rescues the girls and is able to keep them.
    5.The Ultimate Boon-
    This is when Gru is back at his housewith the girls and now they are all together as the family they were destined to be.

    Movies like The Notebook and A Walk To Remember can relate to The Hero’s Journey. The Notebook because the character Noah is faced with three obstacles to get his dream girl. In between he loses himself and is re-born to be able to reach his dream. A Walk to Remember because the character struggles with his ego and his friends to do what is right. His friends can also be seen as the women as temptresses.

    I had to repost because my name was spelt wrong. Sorry.

  4. Saimone Kaulave says:

    1.) The call to adventure- the first encounter with the three little girls at his door step dry to sell him cookies
    2.)Refusal of the call- Gru not wanting the girls to come in his house, and didn’t want anything to do with the girls
    3.)Supernatural aid- The little yellow guys he created helped Gru take care of the girls an his evil schemes.
    4.)Crossing the first threshold- The girls first entry into Gru’s house
    5.)Belly of the whale- Gru going on the roller coaster with the girls an being swallowed into multiple tunnels, the beginning of Gru’s transformation.
    6.) Road of trial- the multiple events that he had with the girls before Gru accepted them in his life
    7.) Meeting with goddess- Gru’s trip to the moon because that was his number one desire before meeting the girls
    8.) Women as temptress- his mothers denial of him being able to go to the moon
    9.) Apotheosis- when Gru take the moon to Vector in exchange for the kids
    10.)The ultimate boom- When Gru and the kids are all together looking at the moon

    a movie like avatar because the main character was originally fighting against the avatar then joined their militia an eventually was reincarnated into an avatar himself

  5. Kassy Arostegui says:

    The call to adventure is when the little girls try to sell Gru cookies, which is followed by the refusal
    of the call when Gru does not answer the door, and pretends to be a recording message. Once Gru finally accepted his quest his supernatural aids were the tree little girls and his minions. They helped him in his time of need and therefore aided him to his success. Crossing the first threshold was symbolized when Gru reluctantly accompanied the girls on the roller coaster ride. It is clear that Gru has never experienced havng fun before, and childhood experiences such as going to an amusement park. During the ride Gru and the girls get swallowed up by a caterpillar looking creature. This undoubtedly is a symbol of going through the belly of the whale. After Gru gets off the roller coaster we see a change in him, he actually cared that Agnus didnt get the unicorn, and we see that care he has for the girls quickly grow into his love for them. Gru underwent his road of trials when the old scientist kept persisting that the girls were a distraction. We can see how Gru is changing (he begins to wear grey instead of black) and he is torn by the ballet recital of the girls and the moon heist. Unfortunately he fails to see the importance of the girls and he sends them off. For me the meeting of the goddess was actually when Gru sees his dance ticket floating in space. There he realizes that his love for the girls is unconditional and overpowers his desires to shrink what he feared of becoming. The temptress in this movie I believe can be played by three different roles. The first is the moon because every night she taughts him by being freely up in the sky out of reach. She is unattainable and the part of Gru that represents the goodness in him that he wishes to suppress. The second role is the mother, she is always putting Gru down making him feel he must prove her wrong in order to be happy. The third is the old scientist, he continuously made it a point that the girls were the wrong path and he had no other choice but to steal the moon. Gru becomes god-like when he goes to rescue the girls from Vector, we see him become invincible when he dodges the missiles and punches the shark. The ultimate boon is the last scene where Gru is surrounded by the girls and they are looking up at the moon. We see a complete balance in his life, he is in grey surrounded by the girls in white looking at the light of moon which is restored to its rightful place, just as Gru’s own light is restored to his heart. Thus creating a happy ending for our hero.

    I think a great movie to represent the heroe’s journey is Mulan. She must embark on a great journey to restore her family’s honor as well as her own. Along the way she has many supernatural aids like her ancestors and her guardian dragon. She undergoes changes and trials and eventually earns balance in herself.

    • admin says:

      @Kassy – Nice observation on the change of colors of Gru throughout the movie to symbolize change in the character. Nice choice with Mulan! She certainly goes through changes and trails to find balance. Good work!

    • Kristy says:

      Kassy – This was very insightful thank you.

  6. Anton Cuasay says:

    1. Call of adventure – when Margo, Edith, and Agnes try to sell Gru cookies.

    2. Refusal of the call – when Gru refuses to buy cookies from the girls and makes up an excuse that he is an automati voice machine.

    3. Supernatural aid – when Gru’s minions aid him because he needs help in executing his plot to steal the moon and to compete with Vector.

    4. The crossing of the first threshold – When Gru takes the girls to the amusement park to leave them. While he was leaving, Agnes convinced him to ride the roller coaster with them not knowing what to expect.

    5. The belly of the whale – When Gru was riding the roller coaster and going inside the tunnels. As he was going through the tunnels, he felt weaker and weaker and thought he was going to die but at the end of the ride, he was still alive. The roller coaster made him a different person. he started to find the good inside of him.

    6. The road of trials – one was when the girls asked Gru to take them to their dance practice but Gru kept saying no because they needed to sell cookies first. second was when Gru kept on trying to break into vector’s house but couldn’t. Third was when Gru’s dad called miss Hattie to take Margo, Edith, and Agnes back to the house of girls.

    7. Meeting with the goddess – The scene when Gru is standing next to the moon while talking to his minions about his plan. I chose the moon as the goddess because it was so important to him that if he didn’t get it, he would not be considered a great criminal/theif.

    8. Woman as the temptress – when he and miss Hattie were sort of flirting when he was adopting the girls.

    9. Apotheosis – While Gru was going inside Vector’s house and as he was going in, he stopped all the traps that Vector had for him like when he punched the shark.

    10. The ultimate boon – In the end when all of them were looking at the moon. they were all happy and Gru finally found the good inside of him.

    Other movies i could think of that relate to the hero’s journey are The Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Avatar, and Like Mike. these movies relate to the hero’ journey because all of them have a main character who fits all the categories in the hero’s journey. In The Lord Of T he rings when Frodo is tasked to take the ring to mordor and destroy it. In Star Wars when Luke Skywalker is aided by an old Ben Kinobi and an old Yoda. In avatar when Aang does not accept that he is the avatar and runs away. And in Like Mike When Calvin is helped by the Supernatural aid of Michael Jordan’s old sneakers.

    • admin says:

      @ Anton – Good recap on the stages! There are definitely a number of movies that can be applied to A Hero’s Journey, isn’t there…I like the Michael Jordan’s sneakers play as a supernatural aid. Nice!

  7. Jennifer Martinez says:

    Call to Adventure- Adopting the three little orphan girls Margo, Agnes, and Edith.

    Refusal to Call- Gru not expecting that their are responsibilities in adopting little girls. he refuses to take care of them.

    Supernatural aid – Grus minions ( the yellow things) show how to care for the 3 girls and later on Gru learns from it.

    Crossing the First Threshold- When Gru gets Agnes her first unicorn doll. he’s starting to fall for the little girls.

    The Belly of the Whale- when the little girls want to get on a ride and gru has to go with them and they get swallowed up which is the beginning of grus transformation

    The Road of Trials- when gru attends to the girls needs and their classes. ex: taking them to ballet class

    Meeting with Goddess- Gru meeting with Agnes since she is the one who Gru had opened his heart up to.

    Woman as the Temptress -His temptation was his dream to catch the moon but he really had to take care of the 3 girls

    Apotheosis – When the girls are taken back to the orphanage and Gru realizes how much he misses them and is willing to stop his plan to catch the moon and take care of the girls.

    The Ultimate Boon
- when gru catches the moon but realizes that what he really wants is the 3 girls back and fights for them.

  8. Kadigah Jubary says:

    In the movie Despicable Me, The Call to Adventure begins when the three little orphan sisters go knocking on Gru’s door in hope of selling cookies. He automatically refuses to buy anything from them and sends them on there way which happens to be the Refusal of the Call. The little yellow cute chicken nuggets are the supernatural aid, and help Gru through his journey. When the little girls enter Gru’s house for the first time, they start looking around as if they were in a whole other world ,that’s when the First Threshold was crossed. Gru takes the girls to the amusement park and goes through The Belly of the Whale cycle when the roller coaster goes through tunnels where he’s being swallowed three times. Gru goes through three Roads of Trial. He was tested when the girls asked him to read them a bed time story, he rapidly refused. Another test was when Gru had to go the banker and ask him for the loan so he could steal the moon and use the girl to his advantage. The last trial was when Gru had to choose between on weather to go to the ballet or go to steal the moon. For Meeting with the Goddess I personally think that the moon in the movie was the Goddess. Throughout the whole film his main goal was to capture the moon, but when he did he wasn’t as satisfied as he thought he would be. For the Women as Temptress it was quite different then other movies. Instead of sex, or drugs, or something appealing, it was his mothers negativity towards him that kept him distracted and uneasy about himself. The Apotheosis in the movie is when Gru rescues the girls from Vector. The Ultimate Boom is when Gru adopts the girls and is able to keep them and all four of them are standing high looking at the moon.

    Despicable Me follows the guidelines and teachings in the Hero’s Journey and uses many of the same things mentioned in Joseph Campbell’s book. Other movies I thought related to Joseph Campbell’s ideas were movies such as The Notebook, Spider Man, The avengers, Avatar, and The Lion King. They all reminded me of the same ideas used in the techniques in Joseph’s philosophy.

    • admin says:

      @ Kadigah – Great reflection on the movie. Glad to see you can relate Campbell’s ideas to a number of movies…is there one specifically that you feel relates the most to Campbell’s stages?

      Good work.

  9. Nick Egipto says:

    Um…….I guess I’ll try to write up something….. It’s…….Probably not going to sound that original…. Just warning you now.

    Call to adventure:The call to adventure was more then likely scene when Gru (Don’t know how to spell it) first meets the three girls. (I’m pretty sure everyone hit the nail on the head for this one.)

    Refusal of the call: No doubt when Gru refused to have any interaction with the three girls. (pretty sure everyone nailed this one too)

    Supernatural aid: There is almost absolutely no doubt about this one. The minions are definitely the supernatural aid.

    Crossing the first threshold: In my personal opinion, I believe this was when the girls first moved into the house wit Gru. Or one could say the trip to the amusement park was the first threshold.

    Belly of the whale:There is no doubt, The roller coaster scene.

    Road of trials: This was more than likely when Gru tried to balance His focus between both the girls and his evils plots.

    The meeting with the goddess; It has to be when Gru Flew up to he moon.

    Women as a temptress: I wouldn’t say it was a women, but I would consider his ambition as his temptation.

    Apotheosis: I most likely was when Gru Resolved to rescue the girls.

    The ultimate boon: It has to be the ending as he defeated vector, fulfilled his childhood dream, and saved the girls and lived happily afterwards.

    There are many movies That I could totally Relate to a hero’s Journey, But in all honesty, many video games relate a lot to a Hero’s journey. Most video games start with a ordinary person who often gets thrown into a journey of a lifetime which usually start with the Protagonist(Hero) doing very medial tasks and rejecting claims that they are special and usually end with the hero becoming something that they never thought they would become.

    Thank you for listen to my lame rant..

    • admin says:

      @Nick – Thanks for the summary! I never thought of using the stages of A Hero’s Journey and relate it to video games. At a way to think outside the box! Good job.

  10. Noah Krow says:

    Call to Adventure!- I think the call to adventure is when he has the idea to steal the moon.

    Refusal to the Call- After he had adopted the girls and got the shrink ray he takes them to the amusement part to ditch them.

    Supernatural aid- The minions there to help him steal the moon.

    Crossing the first threshold- When he begins to actually care about the girls.

    The belly of the Whale- Gru reads the story about the three kittens to the girls.

    The Road of Trials- (kind of confused on this one) – When Gru keeps trying to break into Vectors house. Gru is able to steal the Shrinkray with aid of the girls. Gru trying to deny his call to take care of the girls.

    Meeting with the Goddess- When his mother compliments him at the dance show.

    Woman as the Temptress- The Moon is constantly making him waiver in his decision making. The moon controlled him and was constantly on his mind causing him to be lured out of his want to go to the girls dance show.

    Apotheosis- When Gru overcome with love for the girls goes “BEAST MODE” and destroys Vector and gets all the girls back!

    The Ultimate Boom- When Gru and the girls look out over the night sky where the moon is in its place and the girls are where they are supposed to be; with Gru.

    Movies that relate to the Hero’s Journey- Rattatouile, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings

    • admin says:

      @Noah – Can you tell us a little about Rattatouie and how it relates to Campell’s stages?

      • Noah Krow says:

        The rat is called but refuses the call as he is well. … a rat. He then gets the supernatural aid of imagining the great chef who guides him. Woman as temptress in the chick chef who linguini falls for. It gets him off his cooking game sometimes. The ultimate boom is the restaurant is run by rats and linguini and it is accepted

  11. Rebecca Cruz says:

    In the movie, Despicable Me, many of Joseph Campbell’s ideas on the Hero’s Journey stand out. For example…
    THE CALL TO ADVENTURE; when Gru’s mother calls him and asks him if he was the person who stole the pyramid, which he didn’t, so thus making him want to do something bigger.
    REFUSAL OF THE CALL; when he doesn’t answer the door to the little girls and pretends that he is a machine recording to get them to go away.
    SUPERNATURAL AID; the minions and the girls. the minions help him with everything he’s doing and the girls because they help push him to keep going after the moon when he is rejected from the bank.
    CROSSING THE FIRST THRESHOLD; after Gru adoptd the girls and brought him into his house./ when Gru sees the girls walking into Vectors house and thats when he realizes he can use them to get inside.
    BELLY OF THE WHALE; when Gru takes the girls to the ammusment park in hopes to ditch them, but ends up needing to go on a roller coaster with them forcing him to stay with them.
    ROAD OF TRIALS; when he needed to realize that the girls were not like the minions and that they needed care. also, they didn’t just do as they were told, they pushed Gru and made him agree to what they wanted in order to get what he wanted from them.
    MEETING OF THE GODDESS; when they were at the ammusment park and the little girl was trying to win the stuffed unicorn and in her attempts she hits the rocket but it doesn’t fall so Gru blows it up to get it for her. also, when Gru had the moon in his hands and he sees the girls dance ticket floating, he realizes where he really needs to be. or after Gru puts the girls to bed, he walks into the hallway and sees that the girls extended his famil tree and drew them with him.
    WOMAN AS THE TEMPTRESS; the moon because he puts his life long dreams of going to the moon/ stealing it before the girls and gives them back to the orphanage so that he can complete his dream.
    APOTHEOSIS; when Gru realizes that Vector has the girls. it hurts him and makes him realize he needs to get them back.
    ULTIMATE BOON; when Gru gets the girls back from Vector.
    Other works that i have now noticed the Hero’s Journey’s guidelines in are the movies the lion king, and cry baby. these relate to the Hero’s Journey because they all end up having a task that they’re reluctant to take but with time and guidence they realize that it is what they need to do in order to achieve what they want/ get the person they want.

    • admin says:

      @Rebecca – I like the Call to Adventure you use…that was definitely a symbol that can be seen as “the calling” 🙂 Good job.

  12. Kristy says:

    Very good job everyone keep it up!

  13. Arisbeth Navarro says:

    Call to Adventure- when Gru notices that another villain is doing better than him, so he wants to do something that no other villain can think of.

    Refusal to Call- When Gru didn’t open the door to the 3 little girls.

    Supernatural aid – The little yellow guys, they help Gru with anything he needs and they’re always with him when he needs them.

    Crossing the First Threshold- when Gru starts to care about the three girls

    The Belly of the Whale- After riding the roller coaster Gru wanted to leave them but then he ended up winning Agnes a Unicorn.

    The Road of Trials- when Gru took the girls to the ballet classes and stayed there

    Meeting with Goddess- Gru meeting with Agnes because Agnes is the one he was closest to.

    Woman as the Temptress -The moon because if he never wanted to steal it he would of never tried getting the little girls to go to Victors house to steal the shrink ray, his attempt to steal the moon made him do things he would of never wanted to do like adopt 3 girls.

    Apotheosis – when Gru shrunk the moon and saw the swan lake ticket and he still tried to go but then he say the note that said he girls were with Victor and he fought to get them back because he really did care about them.

    The Ultimate Boon
- when Gru and Victor fight over the girls and Gru gets them back.

    Other movies that I’ve seen that has the Heros journey is The Notebook, George of the Jungle, & Alice in Wonderland.! 🙂

    • admin says:

      @Arisbeth – thanks for submitting your work. Alice in Wonderland was one we briefly talked about…can you think of how it might relate to A Hero’s Journey?

  14. Oswaldo Cisneros says:

     Call of adventure
    When gru realizes he can steal the shrink ray from vector by adopting the  little girls and be their farther but he just wants the ray he doesn’t think beyond that.

    Refusal of the call
    Since he adopted the girls he was expected to be their father and care taker.from the start they are nothing more but Trojan horses and after he gets the shrink ray he wants to ditch the girls on the roller coster.

    Supernatural aid
    Probably his minions and his old professor who I don’t know if is his father.the minions show support and an attachment to the girls and his professor to at the end.with out all them at the end gru could not have rescued the girls from vector.

     The crossing of the first threshold
    When the three girls come to live in his house and he realizes that he can’t just tell them to do nothing all day and expect them to be obedient.

    The belly of the whale
    To me it’s when gru sees that three girls r being cheated at the carnival game and at that moment when he sees the look of disappointment on the three girls faces he decides to do something significant with out bad intentions for the girls.

    The road of trials
    This would be when the montage of all the things gru the girls and the minions do together after the carnival thing and he appears to be enjoying their company.

    Meeting with the goddess
    When gru realizes he can achieve capturing the moon which he has always admired. 

    Woman as the temptress
    The “goddess” the moon on the begging when he is held up to in and shown as an object of desire.

    When gru comes to the realization that the moon wont make him happy but being a father to the little girls will.after that he gets thru all of vectors defenses with no problem

    The ultimate boon
    At the end when gru is happier with the girls and he is at peace with his mother

    another movie that I can relate to the hero’s journey is the first god father.the ultimate boon being when Michael becomes the god father of Connie’s baby and the new head of the family.other movies that are relate able are the lion king toy story and the usual suspects.
    Hope I did it right.

  15. Jocelyn Vasquez says:

    Call to the Adventure- When the three little girls go and knock on Gru’s door trying to sell him cookies.

    Refusal of the Call- Gru tells the littrle girls that no one is home, not wanting any contact with the girls

    Supernatural Aid- The minions aid him on everything he needs, there always there with him to help him out through out the whole entire movie. Also the 3 little girls aid him in showing him care/love for another which at first he doesnt no nothing about but later on learns from it.

    Crossing the First Threshold- When he realizes the love the girls are gaining for him, which is the result of him starting to care for them.

    The Belly of the Whale- When Gru had to go on the rollar coaster he wasn’t into it at all, and while on it he felt weaker as if he couldnt do it no more, but that was only the start of his transformation.

    The Road of Trials- When Gru is realzing that the girls really do need care and attention so even if at first he did not want to he finally took them to there ballet class and stayed there more because he was being forced rather than wanting to.

    Meeting with Goddess- I think the goddess in this movie is Agnes, because Gru and her have a much stronger bond of love for eachother, and its when the lady comes back and takes the girls away when he realizes that there a part of him now. He feels sad, and empty without them by his side. Also when Agnes ask him for a goodnight kiss and he refuses the first time but the second time later on in the movie he actually gives it to her and the rest of the sisters, because he realized the love he has for them.

    Woman as the Temptress – The moon because his attempt of capturing it before vector grew larger. Although he missed the girls ballet concert, if it wasn’t for him wanting to capturing the moon with the help of using the girls, he would of never had a transformation like the one he went through thanks to them.

    Apotheosis – When he shows up at the performance but it was already over and saw the note that vector had the girls so he went looking for them to fight back for them because he realized that he cared and wouldnt let vector have them.

    The Ultimate Boon- Gru finally fought the girls back, and they all finally were just relived of everything and everyone. Gru notice that everything was right he wanted to be with the girl, and they wanted to be with him as a happy family.

    Movies that can relate to a Hero’s Journey, I think a good one is The Notebook, because just like Gru, Noah the male character in the movie both have to go through many stuff/obstacles to be able to get where they want to be or with who they want to be. They both expierence negativity and have a huge transformation.

    • admin says:

      @Jocelyn – Nice write up! Interesting points on the Goddess stage. I can also see how The Notebook illustrates the transformation. Good work.

  16. Leo Contreras says:

    Despicable me- THE NINE STAGES!!

    CALL TO ADVENTURE- When his mother assumed that he stole the pyramid, but in reality he did not.

    REFUSAL OF THE CALL- THREE little girls walk up to his door and knock to see if he was interested in buying any cookies, but he replied by saying “noone is home”

    SUPERATURAL AID- The mini yellow things (i dont know what they’re called) because they help him with anything he needs help on. He can rely on them.

    CROSSING THE FIRST THRESHOLD- Gru takes the three little girls and adopts them all because he knows that he can use them for certain things that he can not do by him self

    BELLY OF THE WHALE- At first his face looked liked gru did not want to be there but the girls made him go on the ride, and on the ride he goes in THREE tunnels. Those tunnels eat the evil out of him because after the ride was over he stayed with them

    THE ROAD OF TRIALS- When the girls asked gru to take them to their dance practice, but Gru refused at first because he wanted to break into that one nerd’s house. (dont remember his name)

    MEETING WITH THE GODDESS- (Not so sure) When the lady comes to pick the girls up

    WOMAN AS THE TEMPTRESS- His intention was to get the moon, take it and rule the world. His temptation was his ambition

    APOTHEOSIS- When he went to the moon, then realized that he was going to miss the little girls dance show and raced over there so he wouldnt miss it. ?

    THE ULTIMATE BOOM- I honestly think it’s when they take the girls away.

    • admin says:

      @Leo- Good job. Can you think of other movies that the stages can apply to? What can you see in them that makes you think they relate?

  17. Oqim Jordan says:

    In the movie Despicable Me Dru’s call to adventure starts with the three girls trying to sell him cookies. Dru refuses to buy the girls cookies thus refusing the call to adventure. I believe the little henchmen where the super natural forces that aided him due to them always being there in his direst of need. Im think first time he crossed the threshold was when he blew up the game stand to get the littlest girl the big fluffy unicorn. The belly of the wale occurs during the time he spends with girls and after until he gets to Vector’s home/head quarters.
    Road of Trials:
    Occurred when he first hoped on the rollercoaster due to him getting off pretty “sick” which I say was due to happiness.
    When he was suppose to help the doctor build the space ship because he was spending so much time with the girls.
    When he failed to be at the girl’s dancing recital.
    Meeting with the Goddess: I would say happened at the carnival park because that when he realized he liked/loved the three little girls.
    Woman as the Temptress: Was the big bank man because Dru needing money to complete his plane.
    Apotheosis: had to be when the moon is finally returned to the sky and the clouds have shifted to reveal the moon.
    The Ultimate Boon: when Dru and the girls are looking up at the bright moon.
    Other Movies: Colmbiana, The Mechanic, The Fast and Furious, Happy Feet, any beginning Marvel /DC Comic movies (ex marvel: Spiderman Incredible Hulk ect., DC ex: Batman, Superman ect.) and Mega Mind

  18. Melissarose Lopez -olsen says:

    Just warning you I’m not really that good at writing. I Don’t have a computer I’m using my phone sorry. This is my 1st time watching despicable me. I might get the names wrong.
    1.the call to adventure is when the 3. Little girls came knocking on grews door to sell cookies.
    2. Refusal to the call.
    grew pretended to be a voice machine so ohe would answer the door for them
    3. Supernatural aid is the little yellow thingys
    4.crossing the 1st threshold
    when grew thought he could leave the little girls at the amusement park.he paid for the ride but he had too get on it
    5. Belly of the whole
    grew thought he would just get on one ride and leave but he started to enjoy himself.
    6. Road of trails. When grew had a plan to get the shrink ray back but the girls had dance class he didn’t want to take them and he said that they would have to walk and they did. They he took them.
    7. Meeting the godess
    When the littlest girl went onto his leg and didn’t want to let go.
    8. Women as temptress
    I think it was the moon because he want to pull of something evil so his mom would be proud of him he though if he had the moon he would feel special
    9. Apotheosis
    When grew thought he would feel special when he would have the moon but then he felt werid because he didn’t have the girls NY his side messing him him and the yellow thingys
    10. The ultimate boom
    Is when grew Really missed the girls and gave the moon to the younger evil Guy. After that he reunited with his girls again.
    Another movie I thought came to mind was disturba I think I spelled it right.

  19. Stephanie Barillas says:

    1. The Call to the Adventure- When the three girls knock on Gru’s door asking him if he would like to buy some cookies

    2: Refusal of the Call- Is when Gru pretends that he wasn’t home

    3. Supernatural Aid- The minions because when Gru needs something he calls to them and they do it.

    4. Crossing the First Threshold- When he takes the girls to the themepark and realizes that they really do love him and that he really is starting to care for them as well.

    5.The Belly og the Whale- When Gru gets on the first rollercoaster. He goes throught loops, drops, and mouths of creatures which make him feel as if he is getting more compassionate to the girls. This is when the change in Gru is noticed.

    6. The Road of Trials- When the girls rther walk to their ballet class than sell cookies to vector and then get a ride. And when this happens Gru notices more that he really does need to do what the girls need, and that they are human beings too with needs.

    7.Meeting With the Goddess- I think that the meeting with the Goddess was when Gru looks up to the moon and remembers of when he first seen it on television.Also when he decides that he wants to capture it.

    8. Woman as the temptress- I think the woman as the temptress is when Gru’s mom tells hm that there is a better villan than him. Which causes him to remember the pain as a kid growing up and makes him want to go after the moon even more.

    9. Apotheosis- To me it was when Gru gets the moon and goes to the ballet recital and sees that the girls were no longer there, and goes after Vector because he took them.

    10. The Ultimate Boon- When the girls preform the ballet dance gain for Gru. Also when they all begin to dance and when they finally become one happy family.

    Some other movies that i have seen that have the Heros Journey are Pinnocchio, Prince of Persia, and Alice in Wonderland. For example with Pinnocchio he wants to become a real boy and makes his dad happy, but yet he is thrown challenges that keep him off track from going to school. And at the end he becomes a real boy and learns that just being honest is better than lying.

  20. Jasmine Gonzalez says:

    The Call to Adventure
 – When the three little girls knock at his door to sell him cookies.

    Refusal of the Call
 – When the girls knock and he refuses to open the door and tells the girls nobody is home so they can leave.

    Supernatural Aid – The minions and the 3 little girls because he uses all of them for his plan to shrink the moon.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold – When the girls enter his house as if they were scared or uncomfortable being there.

    The Belly of the Whale – When He goes on the roller coaster with the girls he starts his change or way of being with the girls.

    The Road of Trials –When he was asked to read a bed time story and when they asked him to read a bed time story.

    The Meeting with the Goddess – When his dad calls the lady to take the girls back to the orphanage he feels sad when they take the little girls.

    Woman as the Temptress – when he wants to capture the moon.

    Apotheosis – When he went for the moon, the girls were with vector and he fought to get them back.

    The Ultimate Boon
 – after getting the girls back they stand up and look at the moon together happily ever after.

    Other movies that represent a heroes journey is the Last song because in the movie when Ronnie has hatred towards her dad and later in the movie little by little ends up being nice to him and changing her ways.

  21. Vicente Alfaro says:

    1. The Call To Adventure
    The call to adventure is when Vector steals The Great Pyramid of Giza, Gru feels like he is not the best villain in the world anymore so he thinks of a plan with the help of Dr. Nefario and his minions to shrink the moon. But to do that Gru needs to steal a shrink ray, At this time Gru and Vector now have a rivalry. When Gru steals the shrink ray Vector steals it from him and takes it to his heavily guarded home and the only ones that can get through are three little orphan girls. Gru ends up adopting the three little girls so he can make cookie robots and send the girls to deliver the cookies (because Vector likes Coconutties) so gru can get back the shrink ray.

    2. Refusal Of The Call
    Gru doesn’t Like the girls at all. All he wants is to get the shrink ray and he is done with them but for him to get what he wants he needs to cooperate with the girls (dance class, fun land, ordering pizza, dance recital) he really doesn’t want to do any of these things but he does it anyway.

    3.Supernatural Aid
    The supernatural aid in the film has to be his mother. He beings having flashbacks from when he was a little kid and his mother always doubted him and ignored every achievement he did even as a grown up Gru’s mother is still doubting him by telling him he is not the best villain (what a mother huh?) but his mothers Words really get to Gru and i think he wants to make his mom proud (by stealing the moon)

    4. Crossing The First Threshold
    I think this has to be either when the girls first meet Gru. Or when Gru trying to steal back the shrink ray from

    5. The Belly Of Whale
    You can visually see a whale type creature that is swallowing them in the roller coaster. But the later on that day Gru sees the girls being cheated out of the fluffy unicorn game so Gru wins Agnes (the smallest of the 3 orphans) The fluffly unicorn (witch is VERY FLUFFY!!!! )

    6. The Road Of Trials
    The road of trails is what Gru and the three lil orphans go through the time they are together but while they have fun there’s always somthing that stops the fun but they manage to to get through it all

    7. Meeting With The Goddess
    The Moon Represents the goddess in the film, When Gru was a kid he always admired the moon ever since the first man landed on the moon he want to land and now own the moon

    .8 Women As The Temptress
    The temptress or should i say temptresses the girls tempt always try to get him to do fun thing that he would never do like going to fun land and Getting animal face painted on him

    9. Apotheosis
    The god like thing has to be the moon. Gru wants to have the moon all to himself so he can one be god like and two to be the best villain and person to cause the crime of century. But Gru has a moment where he realizes that he doesn’t need the moon or to be the best villain he want to be the best father that girls never had! (which is very touching to me because now Gru is on the white side of the Ying And Yang and has a hear as big as the moon!) I Also Like what he says when he tries to adopt the girls “My heart is like a tooth with a cavity and can only be filled with chlldren” I love that quote its now one of my favorite quotes.

    10. The Ultimate Boon
    Gru is happy and now the father of the three little girls and is a great father i think he has thousands of children with all those minions, He even has made his mother proud.

    A good movies that hae A Hero’s Journey is Blood In Blood Out because how Miklo a Mexican American who looks just like his white father goes through hell just to fit in with his Mexican family by joining a gang the Vatos Locos. Then he ends up going to jail and joins an even bigger gang La Onda and when he gets out and faces betrayal from his cousin and former Vato Loco Paco. Paco Shoots Miklo in the leg where he gets his leg amputated and returns to prison more violating his probration and trying to rob a bank he later becomes the leader of La Onda after the original leader Montana gets killed by a Black Guerrilla Army member and remains in jail. If you haven’t seen it i recommend it great movie!

    • admin says:

      @Vicente – Man, I was like 12 when I first saw Blood In Blood Out…I never thought about that movie through the lens of A Hero’s Journey. The character does go through a lot of transformation, struggles, and challenges. Thanks for showing us how it does use similar stages!

  22. Rocio Prieto says:

    Call to adventure- this is when the little girl offers the ballet ticket to Gru

    Refusal to call- this happens when Gru promises to go but isnt sincere.

    Supernatural aid- these are the little yellow minions that work with Gru.

    Crossing the threshold- Gru crosses the threshold when he adopts the three little girls.

    Belly of the whale- when hes at the fair.and starts getting along with the girls.

    The road of trials- when the girls help steal the shrinking ray and Gru realizes he needs them.

    Meeting with the goddess- I think this is when he starts realizing that Agnus needs him and starts acting more likw a dad because he gets closer to her then the other girls.

    Woman as temptress- this is the moon because he wants it and will fight to get it.

    Apotheosis- when he reads the note from vector and rescues the girls.

    The ultimate boon- when he saves the little girls and has a bond with them.

  23. Brian Ledesma says:

    Call to the Adventure- When the three little girls go and knock on Gru’s door trying to sell him cookies.

    Refusal of the call- Since he adopted the girls he was expected to be their father and care taker.from the start they are nothing more but Trojan horses and after he gets the shrink ray he wants to ditch the girls on the roller coaster.

    Call to adventure – When his mother assumed that he stole the pyramid, but in reality he did not.

    Supernatural aid – The little yellow guys, they help Gru with anything he needs and they’re always with him when he needs them.

    Crossing the first threshold- When he begins to actually care about the girls.

    Belly of the whale- At first his face looked liked gru did not want to be there but the girls made him go on the ride, and on the ride he goes in three tunnels. Those tunnels eat the evil out of him because after the ride was over he stayed with them.

    The Road of Trials- when Gru took the girls to the ballet classes and stayed there.

    Meeting with Goddess- Gru meeting with Agnes since she is the one who Gru had opened his heart up to.

    Woman as the temptress – when he and miss Hattie were sort of flirting when he was adopting the girls.

    Apotheosis – when Gru shrunk the moon and saw the swan lake ticket and he still tried to go but then he say the note that said he girls were with Vcctor and he fought to get them back because he really did care about them.

    The ultimate boom- When Gru and the kids are all together looking at the moon

    a movie like avatar because the main character was originally fighting against the avatar then joined their militia an eventually was reincarnated into an avatar himself

  24. Elaicha Garon says:

    The call to adventure- When Gru decides to adopt the 3 little girls. Gru could have told his little fun sizes friends to dress up as a little kid and sell the cookies, but instead he adopts the 3 little girls.

    Refuse to call- when Gru wanted to abandon the 3 little girls at the amusement park because he got what he wanted from them.

    Supernatural Aid- The old inventor guy helps Gru focus again because he was getting sidetracked with the 3 little girls.

    The crossing of the first threshold- At the amusement park when Gru won the stuff animal for the little girl, it showed how the girls were proud of him. Gru accomplished of making someone else happy rather than himself because growing up his mom was always bringing him down.

    The belly of the whale- when the 3 little girls had to go back to the orphanage, Gru realize that having them in his life he was actually happy.

    The road to trails- when Gru went to the girls ballet practice he had to get them to like him so his plan would go much smoother.

    Meeting with the goddess- The scene were Gru is telling Agnes he was gonna catch her and everything will be alright. Gru is basically asking for a second chance for their thrust and he wasn’t gonna let them down this time.

    Women as the temptress- when Gru’s mom called him asking if he was the one who stole the pyramid. The disappointment that Gru saw on his moms face shows you that anything that Gru does his mom will never be pleased.

    Apotheosis- Gru’s mom saying that she was proud of him for taking care of the 3 little girls. Gru and his mom made peace with each other and he didn’t have to steal the moon if he wanted to because his mom was proud of him.

    The ultimate boon- at the end with the dance party with the 3 little girls. Gru didn’t need to be the greatest criminal to be happy he was 3 little girls for that.

    movies that relate- the spongebob movie because in the movie spongebob and patrick enters the bar and it shows you that they don’t really belong there and it was like a different world for them.

    • admin says:

      @Elaicha – A lot of people would be surprised that stages can even appear in places like cartoons, but yes, they do and Spongebob is an excellent example.

  25. Rafael Candray says:

    The Call To Adventure – Gru adopts the three girls and basically that’s is when the adventure begins.
    Refusal Of The Call – When one of the little girls Gru adopted wanted to hug (I think) Gru and he didn’t want to.
    Supernatural Aid – The yellow little minions that Gru always has around him.
    Crossing The Fist Threshold – The two little girls going into the V entrance I think at the amusement park.
    Belly Of The Whale – When Gru starts having a different perspective on the 3 little girls.
    Road Of Trials – Gru takes the girls to practice but realizes that he cares for the little girls.
    Meeting With The Goddess – Gru wanted to have the moon for himself and he captures it.
    Women As Temptress – They take the girls back.
    Apotheosis – I think he falls or gets hit somewhere and then it hits him.
    The Ultimate Boon – Gru decides to keep the 3 little and girls. He reads them a bedtime story at the end.

  26. David Fernadez says:

    Call to Adventure- When those 3 little girls show up at the Grus doorstep to sell him cookies
    Refusal to call- Gru doesn’t open the door for the 3 little girls and acts as his answer machine.
    Superrnatural aid- Grus old helper guy is his super natural aid because he’s the one making fancy invention for grus e I’ll needs.
    Threshold(beginning of transformation)- He adopt
    s the 3 little girls.
    Belly of the whale- When vector steals the shrink ray
    from Gru after he stole it.

    Road to Trails- When gru decides to adopt the 3 little gorls to help him steal the shrink ray
    Meeting with godess- When the 3 little girls start to make him smile at the carnival
    Women as the temptress- when the dance recital is in the sMe day as the launch day
    Apotheosis- When he tells the girls tp 2ump and he’ll never let them go again.
    The ultamite boom- When he kisses the 3 girls goodnight after reading them a bedtime story
    Movies to relate- this is just like spiderman because maryjane is his temptress but his love fpr her is so great that he can’t let her go.

  27. Devin James Brooks says:

    The Call to adventure-When 3 little girls are introduced and evil scientist gru adopts the three little girls in the orphange.

    The belly of the whale-when gru is driving the three little girls they spotted an amusment park that they wanted to go so when entering the amusement park gru and the girls go to the first rollercoaster at first gru doesnt feel like riding it but as it go down to loops and turns and etc. gru was reborn into a warm fun guy that was before a evil man that wanted to take over the world.

    Road of trials-Gru starts to developing on wearing new clothes and starts caring about the three little girls

    Apotheosis-The three girls are captured and gru must save them and the world of all evil purposes

    The ultimate boom- The earth is safe gru defeats the villain becomes the hero of the story and he saves the threee little and considers them as family as his three daughters Gru goes to there perfomance and the movie ends in a happily ever after.

    MOVIE TO RELATE-Ice Age manny one of the main characters thought his girlfriend Ellie and himself thought that there were the only mammoths lilving during that time but through the end after a long adventure they both saw there species behing the ice

  28. Jerel Rivas says:

    1. The Call to Adventure – Edith, Margo, & Agnes knocking on Gru’s door selling cookies

    2. Refusal of the call – Gru didnt want to answer the door to Edith, Margo & Agnes selling cookies

    3. Supernatural Aid – The little yellow minions help Gru

    4. The Crossing of the First Threshold – Gru was determined to get Agnes the Unicorn

    5. The Belly of the Whale – Gru not wanting to go on the roller coaster but is forced to

    1. The Road of Trials – Gru trying so hard to get the Shrinking Ray, cant tame the girls, the bank not supporting Gru anymore on his “Moon” project

    2. The Meeting with the Goddess – Agnes gives her piggy bank to Gru for his low funds on his “moon” project

    3. Woman as the Temptress – Gru’s mom was never proud of Gru’s acomplishments & ALWAYS puts him down

    4. Apotheosis – When Gru tries his hardest to go watch the girls’ ballot performance, & also goes through all of Vector’s traps and what not to get the girls back

    5. The Ultimate Boon – Gru gets the girls back & has a celebration at the end with all the dancing

    Greek Mythology like Hercules is a perfect example of The Hero’s Journey. Hercules through all these tasks and complications.

  29. abigail altamirano says:

    In movie Despicable Me,
    The call to adventure – that first came up was when the three little girls came at the main characters door offering cookies.
    (don’t remember the characters names as much sorry).
    Refusal of the Call
 – was when the main character didn’t want any thing to do with the girls, even when later on he adopted them.

    Supernatural Aid – I think the super natural aid to me was the main character’s inventor because at first the the main character wanted to steel the moon, which was important to him and, kept him committed into getting the moon at any cost. However, once the main character adopts the three girls and, see’s the two little yet but, big things that occur to him, which was receiving the ballet ticket and spending time with the girls at the amusement park. That is when he starts to have a change of heart and forgetting what’s important to him. Which gave the inventor a response to action and, left him with no choice but, in returning the girls back to the orphanage. This left the main character’s state of mind into realizing what matter to him the most, then to what’s important to him.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold – Crossing into the threshold was when the main character and, the the three girls go to an amusement park where as, the main character felt oddly into going at first and, tried to refuse the biggest call that would change himself. When the main character and, the three girls arrive at the amusement park they all go on a roller coaster ride which the main character was forced upon, at first he didn’t have any expectations or, feeling at all. At that moment as, the ride starts the main character still doesn’t feel nothing but, when they all reach to the top part of the roller coaster ride, that is when the main character starts to see that where everything he did know, becomes different and, questioned. Ex: the main character facial reaction was wondering what’s going to happen or, what is this and, maybe scared of what might happen next on the ride.

    The Belly of the Whale – Is when the main character goes through the fish like tubes I’m guessing repeatedly, and at the end of the ride he felt that the overall ride was fun and, awakened something the main character didn’t have. Which had balanced out his levels of good and evil, becoming a totally change person and, the start of something meaningful between the main character and, Margo, Edith, and Agnes.

    The Road of Trials
 – I think the road of trials was based on how the main character’s mom calls him failure, because the main character’s mom is never impressed at what the main character does to get his moms attention and, the main character’s mom is always hassling him that he’ll never be a good villain.

    The Meeting with the Goddess – i think that just Margo represents this, because at first Margo and the main character didn’t share any relationship at all and, Margo didn’t have any feelings or, connections towards the main character. Basically she was kind of hard to get, then when the main character changed she gave him a chance because he proved himself to care for the girls. But when the inventor returned the girls to the orphanage and, Margo thought it was the main character’s fault she didn’t trust him any more till the main character came back to rescue them. He quotes ” Margo jump down to me and, I will never let you go. ” to gain Margo’s trust again.

    Woman as the Temptress – is the moon because i remembered that we talked about how the moon means Luna in Spanish and, that it means female and, to the main character it was important for him to have it. Also the main character did whatever he could into succeeding on getting it, he thought the moon can prove himself into a better villain. The moon represents beauty to him, he’s fantasized some kind of relations of the moon since he was a kid and, if he had the moon it would give him power over people into getting it back, because it represents a part of balance to nature as well.

    Apotheosis – Is when Vector takes something that’s precious from the main character (the 3 girls) and the main character tries to do whatever it takes to get them back. Not letting anyone or, anything get in his way on what’s meaningful and precious to him and, is determined into getting the 3 girls back at any cost.

    The Ultimate Boon – The big boom is when the main character is finally at peace with himself and has what matters to him (the 3 girls) and, his mother approval on being a good father. Then a party with everyone dancing and Margo, Edith, Agnes, and the main character looking at he moon.

    Another movie that can relate to a hero’s journey is batman the dark knight because the character Bruce Wayne goes through a tough decision weather or not he should continuing on being the batman, even though what was happening to the people in Gothem city because of the joker’s doing. People were scared, everything was a huge pandemic and people wanted to give in to the jokers threats. But the only person who could stop the joker was Batman regardless if people hated him for what he did and the journey that caused many risks for Bruce Wayne to go through.

  30. Jojo lehman says:

    What is the mathematical concepts in the despicable me movie?

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