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January 1, 2012 Category: College Tips

Some of us can study in an environment with a certain amount of noise or having slight distractions from time to time.  Other students need the complete opposite, no noise or distractions.  Finding a good study place, can be slightly challenging on a college campus.  Sometimes you have to look hard to find one.  Look for a place that is comfortable and has the appropriate noise level.  Another good thing to look for when searching for that “perfect” study place is its access to information.  While you familiarize yourself with your campus, here are a few suggestions for you to try.  See if these places to study are for you.

Library:  The library is the first place most people think about when you think about studying.  It is comfortable, quiet and information is all around you.  There are usually small rooms that you can commandeer or out-of-the-way corners that can be ideal for you to study.

Your Room:  Your room can be perfect, meeting those three “requirements” (comfortable, quiet and information access, if you have the net).  What better way to study than in your pjs.  Now, if you have a roommate, he/she can cause some problem with the noise level in which case you may want to vacate and find a different place.

Coffee Shop:  Most campus coffee shops are connected to the internet and are quite comfortable.  There is usually a slight noise factor, but if you are ok with that type of background noise, then this would be a good place for you.  And on the plus side some food and drink is available.

The Great Outdoors:  Weather permitting, reading or studying outside is a great way to get some fresh air, clear your mind and getting some studying done.  Being stuckstudying place in a classroom most of the time can be stifling, use Mother Nature to help.  Have your notes handy or just your reading assignment and head on out to that nearby park or right outside your dormitory lawn and get to it.

Empty Classrooms:  Many classrooms are not in use in the afternoon, evenings or weekends.  Look for an empty one for your studying needs.  You will avoid most distractions and can concentrate on your task at hand.

Tutoring Center: Many campuses provide great tutoring centers for students. Sometimes it is helpful to have that all knowing tutor nearby for any questions that may come up during your studying.  Also, it may be a good way to help you keep focus, especially if you are easily distracted.  Even if you are not using a tutor, it may be ok to walk in and use the facilities for a few hours.

College campuses have many places that can provide an ideal study environment; it is a matter of familiarizing yourself with your own campus.  Take some time and walk around your campus looking for those hidden spot and do not be afraid to ask people where they like to study.  Other students’ ideas may provide that perfect study area for you.  Good luck!

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