Reducing That Nasty Test Anxiety

August 21, 2012 Category: College Tips

Starting a new school year and here comes all of that anxiety about classes again.  That’s a normal process that our minds go through.  The school year starts off smoothly and then comes that all intrusive anxiety that comes along with class tests.reducing test anxiety

You have studied for weeks and are definitely prepared for that test.  You know the material, but for some reason you freeze, go blank or simply lose it during the test.  There are many suggestions available to lower that test anxiety, so you can receive that grade that you have studied hard to earn.   Listed here are only a few.  See if they help.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep:  This one we hear all the time especially when we are children, but it is important in college.  Staying up all night cramming will only increase that anxiety and deprive your brain of that much needed sleep.

Think Positive:  You know the material and are ready, so keep that in mind.  Avoid negative people that will engage in idle talk about the test and its difficulty.  Study hard and take your breaks.  Take a short walk and clear your mind or take that time to review key terms.  Try to avoid comparing notes with others right before the test.  This will only lead to you second guessing yourself and increase your anxiety.

Eat “well”:  As students, many take up the drinking of coffee especially to stay up and get that energy boost to study.  It is probably better to avoid too much caffeine.  It can make you jittery and be counterproductive to your studying.  Get those nutrients into your system by eating as close to balanced meals as you can.  This will help your brain think straight and keep you going.

Slow Down:  Studying for that test and even the day of the test, our minds race thinking of everything at a mile a minutes.  Pace yourself, slow down and make sure you read all the directions.  If you have to reread the directions, do it.  If time permits, double check those answer sheet to make sure you transcribed your answers correctly.

Preview:  Take a second and preview the questions on the exam and budget your time.  If you answer the “easy” questions first, it will reduce your anxiety.  It will also prevent you from spending so much time on the harder questions that you need to rush through them.

Quick Write What You Know:  Write down any formulas, dates, names, definitions and acronyms on the top of your paper or on a scratch paper, if available, as soon as you receive the test.  Basic facts are easier to remember before you start answering questions.  Seeing some of the “answers” there can further reduce your test anxiety.

Ultimately, do what you feel works best for you to bring down that anxiety.  If you studied hard, do not worry you will do great.  Good luck!

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