Managing that College Stress

December 30, 2012 Category: College Tips

college stressCollege and stress are almost synonymous.  As finals approach and you are trying to study, work, finish projects, have a social life, eat and sleep and everything else, stress tends to catch up with you.  It is important that you manage that stress in appropriately or things will begin to fall apart including your health.

There are many ways to keep that stress in check.  Find those that are most helpful to you and practice them.  You will feel the benefits.  Here are a few tips.

Exercise:  I know who has the time?  Exercise can be almost anything you choose.  Even taking a short walk to clear your head and stretch those muscles can help when you are feeling stress.  Taking a break from your work for five minutes for a quick jog, walk or some pushups will help.  As much as your body needs breaks, so does your mind.  Give yourself that mental break and exercise, your body and mind will thank you.

Eat Healthy Snacks:  When you are in a hurry and stressed the first thing to go is a healthy diet.  That candy bar looks mighty good when you have no time, too tired to cook and are hungry.  A good sugar rush may not help you in the long run.  Try to skip on those sugary or greasy snacks and go for some fruit or even a salad.  You will start to feel more balanced physically and mentally.

Get Some Rest:  During your college years, sleep can be pretty hard to regulate.  Between homework, exams, work, clubs and other organizations it can be quite difficult to get a decent amount of sleep.  But keep in mind that sleep is a great stress reliever.  Even taking a short nap can help your brain rest and reorganize.

Write it Down:  Just a suggestion, but having a physical list of what needs to get done may help put your mind to rest.  With all that you have going on in your life as a college student, writing down what you have to do can help clear your head and focus on one task at a time.  As you go down your list and start crossing things off, it feels great.

Change your Scenery:  Get out of that cramped messy room.  If it is a nice day, why not take your studying outside.  Changing your scenery a little can help you with a little motivation to get that work done.  Maybe taking your work to a coffee shop (if you can handle some background noise), to the library, or somewhere else on campus will help you focus.  Getting out of a study place rut can help reduce your stress.

There are plenty of other stress relieving techniques.  Find those that are a good fit for your lifestyle and use them.  College stress can overwhelming, but you need to deal with it.  Stay organized and keep a positive attitude to help you through it all.  You can do this!  Good luck.

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