Jobs College Graduates May Not Have Considered

January 28, 2012 Category: Professional Development

Just as the education system has changed over the years thanks to the advancements in technology, so has the workplace. There are a huge number of job titles and positions that would have never existed just a decade ago, if it weren’t for the Internet and phenomena like social networking. As technology has progressed, this has resulted in a slew of new job prospects for college students getting ready to graduate. With entire fields created to meet demand in certain areas, this is great news for students. However, there are a few job positions worth looking into that some soon-to-be college graduates may be overlooking without even realizing it.

Social Media Manager

Love social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook? Is it a habit of yours to jump onto the newest networking sites and learn them like the back of your hand? College graduates with the right training and background may find just the right fit by applying to become a social media manager. Individuals who love the nitty gritty and techie stuff will find the duties of this job position of great interest. The basic duties a social media manager is responsible for include but are not limited to:

  • Staying on top of a social networking site’s activity by helping to promote its image and branding.
  • Engaging in constant activity and overseeing what goes on in the day-to-day happenings on social networking sites.
  • Creating apps as needed.
  • Integrating certain apps and other processes from a social networking site onto a company’s official website, blog or other online platform.

Professional Blogger

Having your own blog is one thing but when one or more companies hire and pay you to blog, that’s a whole different story. These days people care a lot about what others have to say–so much so, that many bloggers have huge followings of readers and now get paid to write and share their thoughts with the world. Companies both large and small know that having such a blogger on their payroll could result in a huge boost in their online presence, which means reaching more potential customers. Aside from earning income, being a professional blogger typically means working as a freelancer. This translates to being your own boss, creating your own hours and deciding how much or how little you need to work to earn a paycheck. While being a professional blogger isn’t easy, for students that have the know-how and the experience, this job position is definitely a realistic possibility.

User Experience Designer

In order for any website, application or software to be successful, people have to know how to use it and enjoy the experience. Hence the need for a user experience designer. Profitable companies are in constant need of individuals that have a knack for design, layout, understanding of consumer trends, behavior and mindset when it comes to spending. College graduates with all their ducks lined up in this skill department can look forward to an enjoyable career helping companies learn how to make their products more attractive for customers to use.

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