Don’t Let Burnout Get the Best of You

March 24, 2012 Category: College Tips

college burnoutThe college life is not the easiest to adjust to.  There are many changes that you will go through and have to accommodate when you attend college.  First there is the rigorous academic schedule that can drive anyone crazy if you do not plan ahead.  Make sure you are meeting all your deadlines for papers, homework or any projects assigned.  Making sure you have a social life can also be a challenge, but it is important in order to keep your sanity.  There is also keeping up with your health which should be one of your top priorities, but this can fall to the wayside due to your new workload.

No matter how well-adjusted you become there may come a time you feel overwhelmed and “burned-out.”  This college burnout is no laughing matter it can come to a point where involving a health care professional is your best bet to help.

Here are a few suggestions that may help before burnout takes its toll on your health.

Get More Sleep:  In college it can be difficult getting enough rest due to your workload and the fact that you want to be involved in everything.  Take it easy and get your rest.  A lack of sleep can build stress and overtime cause burnout.

Lessen Your Course Load:  You may be in a hurry to finish your college education, but if it is causing you extreme stress, it may be time to take it down a notch.  Taking on too much can also cause stress and lead towards burnout.  Take 12 units instead of 16 or maybe a “fluff” class or two to bring down your stress before it is too late.

Social Activities:  All work and no play can bring on that college burnout.  Get out every now and again and socialize.  Spending time with others and having a little fun is a good way to relieve a little stress.

Cut Out Some Extracurriculars:  As was stated, at times you want to be involved in everything.  There is so much to do in college and so little time.  You may need to cut out some extracurricular activities to get that rest you really need.  Learn to say no from time to time.

Consider a Change in Major:  It just may be that the major you have chosen is not a good fit for you.  If decided early, changing majors will not require any extra time on your education years.  It’s ok change is good and, in the case of college burnout, a healthy choice.

Time Off:  Worse comes to worse, consider taking a semester off.  This can be very beneficial to your mental well-being.  At times we need that time to rest and reprioritize school and life in general.

See A Doctor:  If you believe you are suffering from college burnout, contact your doctor and talk to him/her about it.  They can help you recover.  These other suggestions are just that, suggestions not medical advice.

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