College Life as You Live at Home

December 16, 2012 Category: College Tips

college lifeAs you make that transition from high school to college, many things can change.  But when you are able to save money and stay living at home, some of those things stay the same.  It is then up to you to generate the full college experience by trying to separate yourself from your former high school identity.  Here are a few suggestions on how to do just that.

Get involved in the campus community.  There are many organizations and activities that are all around campus.  Consider joining a sport or intramural team, a fraternity or sorority, any club or association, or even a study group.  Socializing is a huge part in college; make yourself aware of all that is out there.  No matter where you are living there are activities that you can involve yourself in, you just have to look for them.

Make sure you talk with your family.  You are living at home and you will have to respect your family’s rules, but make sure you sit down with them and talk out expectations.  It may be difficult for them to separate your high school self from your college self.  Discuss with them about what things you would like to change, if anything.  Parents are usually more willing to change than you think when it comes to their children going to college.  Also remember to respect what you agree to.  Sometimes you may feel that things need to be changed yet again, but do not just break your agreement with your parents, talk it out and show your maturity by doing so.

Find a good study space.  If you are going to study at home, make sure you have a “designated” study space where you can separate yourself at home.  Having a study space will help you change your frame of mind from you school and your house.  Having that different frame of mind can help minimize some of that distance you feel from campus.  Consider also setting up a “social space” where you can hang out and invite new friends, study groups, or group projects away from younger siblings or adults who tend to barge in at any given time.

College is a time to expand your horizons on a social and educational level whether you live at home or away.  These suggestion can help you dissolve those barriers you feel are getting in the way to do just that.  Talk to other students and maybe even school counselors to see if they can also suggest other way to immerse yourself in college life as you stay living at home.

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