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September 1, 2012 Category: College Tips

reading strategiesIt is time to start college.  You are excited and welcome every challenge that is thrown your way.  Then you realize all of the work you will have to do.  Ok not a problem, but the one thing you dislike is all of the reading you will have to do.  Many classes will be reading intensive.  In fact, many degree plans will require you to take classes that require a high amount of reading.  Here are a few suggestions on how to get through those classes successfully and make the most of your reading time.

Allow plenty of time.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to go over the reading.  Some of us can sit down and read twelve pages at a time, while others just cannot.  You know yourself best, give yourself the time to read and review, so you can absorb as much of the material as you can.  Do not wait until the night before a quiz.  This way you also have time to ask your professor any questions you may have about the reading.

Take notes.  As you are reading take notes.  Write them down on paper or highlight key points in your book.  This helps when you have to recall the information for an exam.

Re-read if needed.  If you did not understand the paragraph or page, reread it.  Try to make sense of it before moving on.  This will make the rest of the text easier to understand.

Do not skip the discussion questions.  Many texts will have discussion questions at the end of the chapter.  Try and answer them, even if it is briefly.  It will help you see if you understand the material.  This is a good exercise to do in a study group.

Attend class.  Making sure you attend class and take notes will also help your reading.  When you are reading it is more than likely you will hit topics discussed in class and will clarify them.

Join a study group.  It is sometimes easier to stay focused on the reading if you are working with other students.  Plus, it will give you an opportunity to discuss the reading with others and double check your understanding before an exam.

These are only a few hints for you to try.  As you continue your education, you will find that studying will become easier.  Try new ways and keep the ones that work best for you.  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.  The more you read, the better you will get at it.  Good luck to you all.

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