Build a Solid Foundation your Freshman Year

August 4, 2012 Category: College Tips

college freshmanStarting your freshman year in college can be a nerve-wracking experience as well as an invigorating one.  From the get go keep your eyes on the prize, your graduation.  Your education is the most important thing going on during your college years, but during that time there are many things to learn and experience outside the educational realm.  The following are a few tips to keep in mind to help you create a better experience during your freshman year and build a strong foundation for the following years.

Social Interaction:  College can be a real eye-opener in terms of meeting different people from various cultures.  Joining social and academic organizations can help you mix it up a little and get to know people with similar and very distinct interests.

Get to Know your Advisor:  Do not skip over this important person.  Make sure they get to know you they can be a gigantic help when you need assistance in class or on a personal level.  They are the perfect person to provide you with a reference letter if you are in line for an internship or a job.

Keep an Open Mind:  Down the line you may decide you do not like your major or certain classes.  Make sure to keep your options open if you need to change majors or rethink your classes.

Keep Organized:  Organization will be a big part of your college years, without it you may find it more difficult than expected.  Keep a planner, calendar, PDA , a note pad or whatever to help you prioritize your life.  Homework, exams, papers and many more assignments should be written in there as reminders.  Learn to keep track of that very hectic schedule you may be having.

Learn to Balance Academic and Social:  Yes, there will be plenty of parties during your college years, but it is not all about the partying as well as it is not all about academics.  Learn to balance both.  There are many organizations on campus that are social organizations that are academic based.  Also consider taking classes that are not totally academic, such as physical education classes or art classes.

Do Not Become Nonchalant About Class:  If you are tired, sick or just lazy, get up and get to class.  You are not in high school anymore where skipping a class will not be detrimental.  Skipping classes in college may mean that you miss extremely important information for your exams or even missing a pop quiz.  Take full advantage of your classes.  You are paying for them and the instructors do not care if you attend or not, they still get paid.  Make your classes count.

Again, always remember why you are actually in college.  Your degree is your goal and keeping that focus all else will fall into place.  Good luck and enjoy!

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