An Important Decision Maker for Choosing a College

January 16, 2012 Category: College Tips

Going to college is a very important step into your future.  In deciding to go to college another major decision will include what college to attend.  You will need to invest much time in investigating and researching the different schools that you are considering.  Many factors will play into your decision such as what you are planning to major in, the size of the school, what activities the school offers and so on.

There are only so many questions that can be answered through the internet, school pamphlets and/or other literature.  A college admissions tour is ideal in order to make your decision somewhat easier.  Visiting campuses gives you the opportunity get a feel for the campus and its surrounding community.  More importantly, it gives you a chance to get questions answered by current students, faculty and administration.

Consider the following when touring campuses.

Ask many questions:  Have your questions ready.  There are many things to consider when deciding on a particular school including finding out information about specific programs or majors that the school may offer but are not included in admissions materials.  Other factors that may influence your decision and are not found in brochures may be things like quality of dorms, food service and other programs.

By asking questions you can make a more informed decision on your college of choice.

Look for things that matter to you.  There may be things that you are specifically looking for that some colleges may not have.  It may be that you are an athlete and are looking for a great on-campus gym or recreational center.  You may come from a small town and want to experience a “big” city campus.  Evaluate what is important to you before your visit and keep those things in mind when touring the campus.

Meet with faculty, preferably within your major.  This will give you the opportunity to get a better feel for the specific program that is available at that college.  It also gives you a chance to ask about future quests within a particular field such as what jobs lie ahead.  Again, do not be shy about asking questions, it is the best way to find out answers.

Make a stop at the financial aid office.  Counselors are usually available, again, to answer questions.  They also may give you a rough estimate of the type of financial aid package you could expect.  College is a pricey endeavor, so make sure to attend to that issue from the start.

A stop at the financial aid office can also help you find scholarships and other monies that you do not have to pay back.  This would be a positive forward.  Some schools have campus specific grants, so make sure to ask and find out as much information as possible.

College visits are an important part of this whole process.  In some cases, due to all the answers you received and the information you gathered,  it can be the deciding factor to the next few years of your life.

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