5 Signs You’re in the Wrong College Major

February 21, 2013 Category: College Tips

Some students were born knowing exactly what they want to do for a living, including what major will get them there. Other students think they know but end up finding themselves in the wrong major after it’s too late. But what about instances where a student isn’t 100% sure they’ve picked the wrong major?

If trusting your gut isn’t enough, there are definitely other signs that it may be time to switch majors:

It’s an Unpleasant Surprise

Sadly, not all college students have a firm grasp as to what a certain degree program entails. Reading course descriptions and doing research on the degree program does shed light on what to expect but for some students it takes actually being in the class to find out. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an effective strategy and is a common mistake made when choosing a major.

Wrong College MajorIt makes sense that not all of the courses in a major will be fun or engaging. However, there is a difference between bearing with a one or two unpleasant courses and suffering through all of them. If every class seems to be the exact opposite of what a student was expecting, it’s likely a sign of the wrong major.

It Doesn’t Match Up With Career Goals

Picking a major that ultimately won’t get a student from point A to point B is a common error made when a person fails to do proper research. Or it could be a result of going into college with one career aspiration but eventually changing that aspiration as time goes on. What was originally the perfect major might not stay that way after one or two terms.

Having a change of heart is normal and should include switching to the appropriate major instead of sticking with one that no longer suits a person’s career goals.

You’ve Lost Interest

The first few days or weeks of courses can be exciting and challenging but if boredom starts to quickly set in, it could be a sign that a student has chosen the wrong major. Evaluate the reasons for being bored and what could be defined as a challenge. If the major program ends up not meeting those requirements, it may be worth looking into something more suitable.

Considering Other Majors

If a student has already declared a major but is looking at what other programs have to offer, it could be a sign that there isn’t a 100% commitment. There’s nothing wrong with seeing what other majors involve and if it might be a better fit but ultimately a decision will need to be made as to whether a student will stick to the major they’ve originally declared or if they’ll need to change to something else.

Not Taking Courses Seriously

It’s one thing for a student to be bored and not challenged in their courses but if it’s to a point where skipping classes and getting poor grades is also part of the equation, it’s a surefire sign that a change in major needs to happen asap.

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