4 Sources of Financial Aid for International Students

December 29, 2012 Category: College Scholarships and Grants

Financial aid comes in all forms. From student loans to scholarships and grants, these means of financial assistance is often the only way for students–especially those from low-income backgrounds–to have even a shot at getting close to obtaining a college education. But what about those living in other countries with hopes of earning a degree from a US college or university?

Trying to find and secure funds for school can be challenging for international students but not impossible. While there may be options through some US colleges, students in other countries should first and foremost find out what financial aid options area available right at home.

Below are just a handful of financial aid sources worth checking out, among others:

International Organizations

Financial Aid for International StudentsThere are many international organizations whose purpose is to provide relief and various means of support to those that need it most in a variety of countries. Identifying and assisting students with high educational goals is just one of a handful of such services is offered.

Students living in other countries should visit the official websites of various international organizations to see what scholarship, grant and other financial aid opportunities are available, as well as eligibility requirements.

The World Health Organization, The United Nations and World Council of Churches are a few that could provide the funds needed to help international students successfully enroll at a US campus.

US Embassy

What better way to find out about financial aid opportunities than to visit the US Embassy in your home country? Speaking with the people there is a great way to find out if there are sources of funding specifically for individuals planning on moving to the US for the sole purpose of pursuing a college education.

The Internet

Turning to the Internet is one of the first resources for international students to tap into. However, when seeking out scholarships online, it is very important to exercise caution and good judgment. There is no shortage of fake scholarship sites or shady operations where they’ll charge unnecessarily high fees.

When searching through such sites, it is best to stick to the ones with reputable names or that are tied to recognizable organizations. If something seems suspicious or not on the up-and-up, leave the site immediately. Out of the many red flags to be on the lookout for, the most important one to remember is to never pay for scholarship information. Additionally, if you’re told that you’ve won, been specially selected or some other notification of automatically receiving a scholarship, report the site right away–it is a sign of a scam.

Home Country/School

Many countries offer their own versions of financial aid to help its citizens achieve goals, namely those related to education and earning a college degree. International students will want to consider their high schools, community service organizations they belong to and even the churches they attend.

The path for international students seeking funds for college is all about exhausting every avenue possible.

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