4 Classes All Students Should Take Regardless of Major

March 5, 2013 Category: College Tips

Courses for a declared major? Important. Courses for a minor? Also important. There’s no question that certain classes take priority over others, especially for students that know exactly what degree program to pursue. After all, these courses are where the knowledge, skills and even hands-on experience are gained in order to be applied to a job in the “real world.” But those aren’t the only types of classes students can benefit from.

Regardless of declared major and/or minor degree program, all students should take any or all of the classes listed below because of their ability to enhance a resume, contribute additional qualifications and make students more well-rounded individuals overall.

Public Speaking

Even if a student plans on being a CPA that spends his/her time crunching numbers and organizing documents in a quiet office all day, knowing how to speak publicly is a huge asset for anyone to possess. Taking a public speaking class in college is definitely crucial for individuals that are scared to talk in front of people. Public speaking is a valuable skill on a resume that demonstrates a person’s confidence and ability to communicate well.

Classes Students Should TakeWhether you’re speaking to a person one-on-one, in a small group setting or in front of a huge audience, the knowledge gained in a public speaking class will help increase the odds of a successful performance.

Computer Science

There are few things you can do these days that don’t involve using a computer. Almost all job positions require some basic knowledge of computers, whether it’s navigating the Internet to look up information or using special software.

Even if you’re an avid user of computers and other electronic devices, it doesn’t hurt to have official training in a classroom or online learning environment, especially for certain programs that you know will be required for the dream job you want.

Creative Writing

Hate writing and English class? No one is saying you have to take a minor in it but one creative writing class could go a long way. Even though creative writing involves things like analyzing short stories and composing ones of your own, this form of “training” is great for teaching students how to bring more personality into their writing.

Knowing how to use the English language to convey thoughts, emotions or even construct a better sentence are all things that could go a long way when it comes to writing a resume, cover letter, essays for other classes, etc. Additionally, being confident in one’s writing skills will come in handy, regardless of what job position is obtained.

First Aid

This isn’t a ploy to see if you’ll have an epiphany and decide to drop everything to attend medical school. Face it: emergency situations happen all the time and usually when people least expect it. What harm is it to take a run-of-the-mill first aid course in order to learn the basic ways to save a life and treat injuries? What students take away from this class could end up saving someone’s life, including their own.

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