3 Online Classes Best Taken in a Classroom

August 6, 2012 Category: College Tips

Distance learning has taken the education industry by storm. Each year, colleges and universities are offering more online degree programs and courses to students. The number of 100% virtual colleges also continues to expand. It isn’t hard to see why taking online courses has grown to become more popular.

But not all online versions are better than their traditional classroom counterparts. Taking classes through distance learning methods for convenience is one thing but there are certain subjects that are more beneficial to students when presented in the classroom.

Below are just a handful of courses that students should stick to taking in the traditional manner instead of choosing the seemingly “easy way out” by going online.


If you’re the hands on type of learner, taking a science course online probably isn’t going to do you any favors. While not all online science classes are the same, many require that you purchase kits to fulfill the “lab” component of the course. Even with access to a kit at home, the experiments and procedures may not make much sense to you.

Online college coursesHowever, science courses taken in the classroom provides access not just to the laboratory and its equipment (for free), you’ll have the benefit of an actual professor present to go over everything from beginning to end.

Science is one of those subjects where it is crucial to understand the principles being discussed and how they apply to various subjects.


Although it is one of the most commonly taken classes from grade school until college, English is one subject that many students have a difficult time with.

Imagine taking an English course in an online setting. There’s only so much you can do and sometimes your online instructor may not be available when you need them to answer questions or concerns.

English classes in a regular classroom environment are the most effective forum for discussing reading assignments, voicing your thoughts and hearing what others have to say.

Sure, this can also be accomplished via video chats and online forums but being in a real class with other students is the best way to interact and get the most out of each discussion.

Foreign Languages

We all know that Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular methods people turn to in order to go about learning a foreign language these days. Even colleges and universities are beginning to offer virtual versions of such classes. As nifty and advanced as technology is, there still isn’t a more effective way of learning a language than by having good ole fashioned conversation with an instructor and other students.

Being in class with other students means being around people that are on the same level of learning as you. It provides an endless number of individuals to practice on, while receiving proper instruction by the professor. Clicking on buttons, images and hearing a digital voice oftentimes isn’t enough for a student to truly understand the nuances that come with carrying on a conversation in another language.

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